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Laser: cutting through [16 Jan 2015 10:26 AM ]
OEM_jan_15_20-.jpg Lately laser technology has made its way very strongly across many sectors. The laser technique is helping make cutting tool industry more productive, offering reliable results
How to succeed in die & mould industry [13 Jan 2015 2:25 PM ]
oem_jan_15_pg_40.jpg A road map to be successful player in the die and mould industry
Hand and power tools: use safe, be safe [17 Nov 2014 2:47 PM ]
oem-pg-32-image1.png This article talks about current status of hand and power tools industry and also gives some precaution tips for safety
Mitsubishi Electric hits the road with sophisticated factory automation technology [11 Mar 2014 5:30 AM ]
23.jpg Mitsubishi Electric has literally set into motion its latest offering in high-tech factory automation and switchgear products for India.
Cutting tool industry to bolster growth [12 Aug 2013 11:55 AM ]
Cutting-tools.gif Despite economic downturn, the demand for cutting tools in India is expected to bolster growth because of increased investment in infrastructure development
Industrial automation growth: on right track but not at right pace [18 Apr 2013 10:15 AM ]
Milindk.gif Today’s businesses are increasingly realising that with automation they can produce better quality products while keeping a check on the costs.
Call to integrate waste management, promote scientific recycling for sustainable future [20 Oct 2012 5:53 AM ]
An integrated approach to the management of solid, hazardous and e-waste, the environmental damage cost of which is estimated to be over five per cent of India’s GDP ( $32 billion), and focus on promoting organised and scientific recycling of wastes have become indispensable for a sustainable utilisation of natural resources and their protection from toxic releases.


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