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KTR Couplings (I) Pvt. Ltd. is a 100 per cent subsidiary of KTR Systems GmbHGermany, a well-known name worldwide for couplings & power transmission products. KTR has subsidiaries in over 23 countries with7 manufacturing plantsin Germany, USA, Poland, Brazil, China, Taiwan and India.

KTR India, established in 1998, having manufacturing plant at BHOSARI, PUNE is a full-fledged manufacturing set-up, cateringto coupling needs of every industrial sector. They manufacture variety of couplings and transmission products for all types of conceivable drive applications. Apart from couplings, they also supply hydraulic components, clampex, universal joints, torque limiters and torque measuring equipment, hydraulic andelectro-mechanical break systems, oil/air/ water cooling systems.

Automation technology has to meet with contradictory demands: speed and accuracy, flexibility and reliability, highest efficiency combined with highest profitability. For feed drives in machine tools, gantry robots or other handling units driven by servo motors, accurate positioning with at the same time full dynamics is important. The selection of coupling has a decisive influence on behavior of overall system. KTR offer you four different types of backlash-free couplings: Jaw coupling (Rotex GS), Servo lamina coupling (Radex NC), Metal bellow-type coupling (Toolflex) and Special coupling for shaft encoders (Countex).

Positional technology:
Rotex GS: The back lash free flexible jaw coupling Rotex Gs has proven its worth in positioning technology and on main spindle drives. In spite of its feature of damping vibrations it is sufficiently torsionally stiff so that even with highly dynamic servo drives accuracy does not suffer. This is why it is said to be the standard solution for ball screws with inclines S < 40. Clamping ring hubs are suable for circumferential speeds up to 50 m/s.Rotex GS P was developed by KTR in cooperation with VDMA (Association of German Manufacturers of Machines and Plants) to be used on stub spindles of multiple spindle heads. Integrated clamping system of back lash free, highly precise shaft coupling is made of 100 per cent steel. With circumference speed of 75 m/s and higher, it is ideally suited for applications on HSC main spindle drives. Rotex GS P is manufactured to DIN 69002.

Toolflex: The backlash-free metal bellows-type coupling Toolflex with a non-positive connection of bellow and a hub and a frictionally engaged clamping hub is suitable for temperatures up to 280°C. For higher inclines S = 40 TOOLFLEX coupling is recommended. Toolflex remains fatigue endurable in high temperature up to 200°C. Its main application ranges are both positioning drives e.g. ball spindles with high incline and indexing tables or planetary and work gears with small gear ratios.

Radex NC: It is developed for servo technology. Stainless steel laminas make it torsionally stiff and at the same time flexible. Aluminum hubs ensure a low mass moment of inertia even with double cardanic design.Radex NCcan be used in high temperatures up to 200°C and under aggressive ambient conditions.A typical application of Radex NC is backlash free worm gear pairs with low transmissions (for i< 8). Clamping hubs are frictionally engaged and are thus, back-lash free even in a reversing drive.

Countex: It is a three part, back lash free and torsionally stiff coupling mainly used in measuring and control technology. It’s axial plug-in ability combined with geometry of hubs results in a coupling system with a specifically easy assembly, offering options of mounting fitting with processing. Material of spacer is resistant to high temperatures ensuring continuous properties of coupling system temperatures up to 160°C.The measuring and control technology demands for a high torsion spring stiffness in order to realise reproducible positioning. The double–cardanic principle of COUNTEX reduces the restoring forces.

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