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Dormer adds new carbide burrs and cobalt drill

Dormer, a product brand within Dormer Pramet, has added several new material specific carbide rotary burrs to its existing assortment.
 The ST cut geometry is suitable for machining steels, while the VA design is for machining stainless steels. Available in a variety of shapes, both offer improved operator control and generate less temperature which, in turn, increases tool life.
These latest designs offer improved performance and up to 50 per cent higher metal removal rates, compared to standard carbide burrs.
In addition, the new GRP cut is for machining fibreglass and composite materials. Available with drill point and end mill styles, its design reduces splintering and improves entry and exit surface quality.
To support the introduction, Dormer has added three new sets to its burrs assortment. This includes five piece sets featuring the ST cut for steels, the VA design for stainless steel and a coated Double Cut set.   Dormer launched its new range of carbide burrs 12 months ago to enhance its ancillary tools program for general machining applications. The comprehensive assortment of designs and shapes include ball nosed cylinder, pointed tree, oval, flame, 60° and 90° countersinks, cones and inverted cones varieties.
Meanwhile, a new high speed cobalt (HSS-E) jobber drill has been launched by Dormer.
The A147 is primarily for machining stainless steel and titanium. Capable of drilling to depths up to 6xD, the Bright finish A147 features a split point geometry. This improves penetration through the work-piece allowing for reduced torque requirements, improved hole-quality and longer tool life.
Its addition supports Dormer’s existing high speed steel (HSS) quick spiral jobber drill – the A108 – which also machines stainless steel in general applications.
Dormer’s versatile A147 can also be used for a wide variety of materials including steel, copper and aluminium. 
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