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Pramet’s high feed Penta HF cutter offers a highly versatile and simplified milling option for multiple applications.
 Designed primarily for high metal removal operations, the Penta HF is suitable for machining a wide variety of materials, including corrosion-resistant steels, difficult-to-machine steels and heat-treated steels. The cutter features a 19-degree entering angle, enabling a maximum feed per tooth of 3mm. By supporting faster feed rates, machining time is reduced. In addition, a special surface finish promotes increased corrosion resistance, as well as reduced wear and friction resistance.
With its economical five cutting edge inserts design, the assortment is suitable for roughing to semi-finishing applications. Penta HF also supports internal coolant for deep milling and helical applications.
A wide range of diameters from 32 – 100 mm, as well as a choice of shank and bore styles, offers a number of options for the user.
In a recent case-study in North America, the Penta HF cutter with PDMW inserts was able to machine an entire component of structural steel without stopping to index the inserts. This compared to a competitor’s insert, which needed to be indexed three times to complete the same application, provided a significant saving on machine downtime.n 
To find out more about Pramet’s Penta HF range visit www.dormerpramet.com

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