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Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines & Vacuum Cleaners
Established in 2001, Amsse Products India is a well-known importers, stockist manufucturer and supplier of a wide range of industrial cleaning machines, house keeping machines, industrial sweeping machines, clean room products, fire fighting equipments, safety emergency equipments etc. The range of industrial cleaning machines include auto scrubber drier, single disk scrubbing, polishing & carpet cleaning machine, industrial vacuum cleaner, high pressure water jet cleaner, mop wringer trolley, aircraft cleaning vacuum, mechanical sweeping machine, floor care tools/ glass tools, ride on scrubber, ride on sweeper, sewar cleaning equipments, drain cleaning, clean room product- air curtain, air shower pass box etc. The Company also offers fire fighting equipments like fire extinguishers, electronic alarm sounder, smoke & heat detectors, fire alarm control panel, sprinklers, hydrant valve, branch pipe, hose reel etc.
Products: Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine, Industrial Vacuum cleaner, Industrial High Pressure Jet, Housekeeping Cleaning Tools, Clean Room Products, Emergency & Safety Equipments and Fire Fighting Equipments.
Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine: Amsse Products manufacturers & suppliers in India with a complete line of Industrial cleaning machines & equipments like Auto Scrubber Drier, Polishing Machine, Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, Ride on Scrubber, High Pressure Jet, Sweeping Machine, Vacuum Cleaning Machine, Sweepers, Floor Scrubbers and other Cleaning Machines. Industrial sweepers are the perfect solution for cleaning commercial and factory floors, carpets, and other surfaces. Built from high-quality materials and designed to exacting specifications, cleaning equipments will stand the test of time, providing years of cleaning service. Industrial cleaning machines are fast and efficient, saving company time and money. The result is increased productivity and less hassle for operation. Scrubber, Polishing & Carpets Cleaning – Imported, Auto Scrubber Drier, Scrubber & Buffing Machine – Rufo (Italy) Moda- S-43 Plus, Ride on Scrubber, Sweeping Machine & Vacuum Cleaner.
Product Code: ESTRO WIV 125: A Professional Extractors Injector cleaner, 36 liters with the very innovative 8 liters detergent tank externally provides longer working between refills and discharge, Virgin Plastic or stainless steel tank, Auto Electric cutoff for the Spray pump while not in use give long trouble free life to pump.
Industrial High Pressure Jet: The Company manufactures wide range of high pressure jet. These are useful for cleaning applications like water jetting, water-chemical cleaning, water-sand cleaning, water power sewer cleaning & flushing etc.
Features: Incorporated with end suction centrifugal pumps, available with hand primers and automatic primers, Equipped with integral fuel tank designed for 24 hour operation.
Amsse Products India
104, 1St, Floor, Plot No-31-32, New Basti,
A.F.Enclave, Okhla, New Delhi-110025 
Tel: +91-011-29945713, 9250849809 

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