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Online UPS, Chemical Earthing & Demagentiser
Control & System Engineers is an exporter and supplier of Stereo Zoom, MPI Machines, Pie Gauges, Residual Field Indicators, UV Intensity Meters, Online UPS System, QQI Shims, UV Light Assys, and lots more.
The Company is also a service provider with 15 years of vast industry experience. Its project services are mainly related to AMC of MPI Machines.
The products are available in various models and sizes. Control & System Engineers can supply as per the requirement of clients. All its products are reasonably priced and are the ultimate in quality and reliability.
Products: Online UPS System, MPI Accessories, Demagentiser and Chemical Earthing System.
Online UPS System (single phase and three phase): True On-line, Double Conversion with the simplest possible concept using 50KHz PWM with MOSFET/20KHz PWM with IGBT, Microprocessor Based Monitoring, protection against over temperature, overload, short circuits and designed for fault free operation even in the most adverse environments. PowerRating-2 to 30 kva  KVA. Single/Three Phase Input- Single Phase Output UPS Systems
Chemical Earthing System: Earthing Solutions: Chemical Earthing Pit with CPT, Tendency of circular area is to dissipate, Current in all direction, Equipotential source of current dissipation, Virtually Maintenance free, As per IS: 3043-1987 requirements, Less affected by climate conditions, A long and reliable life, Eco- Friendly.
Coil Type Demagnetisers: Coil Type Demagnetisers, Coil Type Demagnetisers are designed to operate
on alternative current to demagnetise a work piece. Merely pass it through the coil and remove it from the field of the demagnetiser. Care should be taken to assure that work piece is well away from the demanetiser before the demagnetiser is switched off. This type of demagnetiser is very useful for rods, bars, small jobs etc. Size in mm: Dia 100, 150, 200 and 300 Bore.
Control & System Engineers
162-C, Subhash Nagar,
Gurgaon – 122001, Haryana.
Tel: + 91-124-2224493

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