EPLAN Pro Panel 2.1.: Panel layout in XL[July 2012]

What started with high-performance 3D mounting layout turned into an integrative “XL engineering solution” for enclosure layout. Design, 3D layout, production and mounting merge to form an integrated solution -plus more added-value
Enclosure layout is subject to extreme deadline and cost pressure, which solution provider EPLAN Software & Service substantially alleviates. With the new EPLAN Pro Panel 2.1. automation engineering, mechanical and plant engineering all reap the benefits of an interdisciplinary engineering tool that covers all discipline-specific requirements. Design, 3D layout, production and mounting merge onto a uniform database for a fully integrated solution. The result is an accelerated product development process – reduced costs and more added-value.Uniform data – automatic synchronisationIntegration is the key word that brings together all parts of the EPLAN Platform. Devices that are used in electrical and fluid designs can now be incorporated in the mounting layout – without manual synchronisation.
Users can engineer faster; typical reverse engineering tasks – this means manual data transfer between disciplines, import & export and verification of data – as well as many time-consuming redundant steps are eliminated. In addition, potential errors during project comparison are prevented ahead of time. The full functionality of EPLAN Platform’s key basic features such as revision control, rights management and special programming with EPLAN API can be used – and that’s far from everything: Integration continues in production, mounting and wiring. Direct data transfer to NC machines, conductor routing and cable preparation ensure a smooth workflow throughout the entire product development process.
Reliably designed – accurately producedFrom dynamic collision control to automatic checking of respective installation conditions; the software makes professional 3D layout design easy – even for occasional users. Production relevant data for holes or cutouts is taken account in the 3D model and can be further processed. The flexible software lets users create both associative mounting diagrams and special drilling templates. More practical decisive advantages: Production information is only entered once when the master data is created – even for parts with variable lengths such as cable ducts and mounting rails. Components and NC data are automatically integrated in the respective mounting layout; a sure way to fast results. Modifications to housing, doors or mounting plates are easily transferred to the appropriate production system via an NC interface – Steinhauer and Perforex are just two examples of the high degree of production integration.
Cables quickly routedMore flexible 3D conductor routing: Now, cables as well as conductors can be routed within a 3D mounting layout. The new standard in performance also applies to cable routing: Defining route networks and laying connection is intuitive and can also be done independently of real or virtual wire ducts. New layout areas further expand the 3D routing possibilities and also support virtual wiring of Lütze frame systems. Using wiring holes, wires and cables can be routed, for example, on the back of mounting plates, partitions or other enclosure parts – along the shortest route.
Coolly configured, precisely dimensionedWhere would engineering be without the right device data, that’s where the connection to EPLAN Data Portal really scores big – components can be easily transferred from the portal to the device list or integrated into the 3D mounting layout. Highlight at the Hanover Fair: the interface to the brand new Rittal Therm 6.1 – the engineering configurator for laying out and dimensioning heating, cooling and climate control solutions from Rittal. A configurator determines what Rittal Therm devices are required, and compiles and transfers them to the EPLAN device list. The result is: Highly efficient integration of climate control solutions in 3D mounting layout.
Contact:Rittal India Pvt. Ltd (EPLAN Division)No. 4, Shubodayam Complex, 1st Floor,R.M.V 2nd Stage, New B.E.L Road,Bangalore – 560 094Tel: +91-80-41515497eplan@rittal-india.comwww.eplan.in

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