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Hydraulic Presses from Hydropack India
Established in 1989, Hydropack India Pvt. Ltd is one of the foremost hydraulic equipment manufacturing companies.  Hydropack has a vide range of applications and they are used as equipment for diverse fields like, Automobile, Nuclear Power, Ship Building, Construction, Mining, Spaces, Aircrafts Power Generation, Railways etc.
Products: Hydraulic Presses, Remote Controlled Jacks, High Pressure Cylinders, Hydraulic Hejackles, Hydraulic-lifting platform, Hydraulic Pullers, Hydraulic Hand Pumps, Power Packs and Systems, Linear actuators, Bolt and Stud Tensioners
Hydraulic Presses: Roll bed Presses for electric motors maintenance and manufacturing units Capacity 100T – 500T, Table sliding by chain mechanism. Hydraulic Stroke upto 1 Mts. or even more, ideal for electric motor shaft removing and fitting.
Bench Type Presses from 5T to 25T Capacity: These presses are used in general workshop and for production. These can be either ‘C’ Type, Four pillar or Two pillar type Presses. These types are used for Press fitting, Straighting, Bending, Forming, Punching, Assembling, Dismantling of Bushes and Bearings etc.
Heavy duty Custom built Scissor Lifts: The Hyjack Hydraulic platforms are manufactured as per the requirements of the customers, depending on the type of high reach platforms such as maintenance platform lifts and air craft platforms with adjustable height of double scissors and triple scissors type with either manual operation or Electro hydraulic operation.
The base frame is fabricated of MS channels suitably reinforced welded fabrication torsion proof structure provided with 2 wheels on fixed angle and 2 wheels on swiveling axle under a common hub attached to a towing handle.
The platform is fabricated of MS Angle / Channels / Sheet steel covered supported on 2 sets of scissors, one end fixed to base frame and other set moving inside channel base frames and both set supporting the top platform.
Hydropack India Pvt. Ltd
Plot No. 19,Sy. No. 323, Majgaon Industrial Area,
G.I.T. College Road, Udyambag,
Belgaum – 590 008. Karnataka.
Tel: +91-831-2442559, 2442857.
Fax: +91-831-2442658.

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