Investments and reframed policies will drive growth

There must be government support in implementing IT enabled manufacturing processes and systems.
Harshal Jayavant, President, JK Files
  JK Files India Limited, a subsidiary of Raymond Ltd., is today the largest producer of files in the world. In an interview Harshal Jayavant, President, JK Files talks about the opportunities for files and drills industry out of ‘Make in India’ initiative.
Initiative improvises on policies framed earlierThe sector policies introduced under ‘Make in India’, other than Automotive Policy 2002 and Automotive Mission Plan 2006-16, offers various enablers of growth for the sector. Funding of $ 200 mn has been allocated to modernise the auto components industry by providing interest subsidy on loans and investment in new plants and equipment. “$ 388.5 mn has been allocated to enable the industry to adopt and implement global performance standards. ACMA has partnered with Auto Care USA, SES Germany for transfer of skills and knowledge which will act as an enabler to facilitate best manufacturing practices, especially in the SME segment.
Success lies in filling the manufacturing skills gapThe success of ‘Make in India’ lies in removing the bottlenecks the country’s supply chain; look at improving infrastructure and optimal supply of skilled human resource. Mr Jayavant observes, “There should be increased interaction between the industry and educational institutes to facilitate skill development in-line with the demand. Domestic manufacturing and demand will also drive growth. This can be achieved when the government implements monetary and fiscal policies that are reframed to suit the economy. The government has the scope to improvise several factors that will drive growth.”
Skill development is crucial Mr Jayavant firmly believes that improvements and innovations will drive every sphere of manufacturing. He says, “There must be new initiatives to provide trainings on lean manufacturing, 5S, and quality systems. This will also require an optimal supply of skilled human resource. There must be government support in implementing IT enabled manufacturing processes and systems. There must also be support by providing consultancy services for the MSME segment. There must also be incentives linked to quality.”
JK believes in improved efficiencyMr Jayavant asserts, “At JK, we have increased the focus on quality improvement, cutting down manufacturing lead-times and increasing customer level service. We also implement best known tools for manufacturing planning and optimisation of supply chain. We also believe in developing a cultural mindset to adopt lean principles”.

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