Micro Drills big on performance

Dormer’s new Elect APP range of micro drills has been engineered for exceptional performance in small diameter drilling applications in a wide range of materials and components. Available in two lengths to support drilling depths to 8 x D (R530) and 12 x D (R531), both feature Dormer’s ACM (advanced chip management) flute geometry. ACM, explains Steve Shotbolt, application specialist for drills at Dormer, “encourages the production of small, easily evacuated chips. This minimises machine downtime and ensures even tool wear which, in turn, prolongs tool life.” Smooth and efficient chip evacuation is further facilitated by a micron-thin layer of Dormer’s proprietary Super-Flow coating. Specifically developed to optimize performance, it brings a host of benefits including outstanding wear resistance and significantly enhanced productivity.
Optimum pressure and volume of coolant is crucial for continuous, high speed, micro drilling of deep holes. With internal coolant holes throughout the Elect APP™ micro drilling range, cutting fluid is delivered accurately to the tip of the drill, cooling the cutting area and facilitating high performance in most engineering materials, including stainless steel, aluminium and titanium.
In addition, the specially designed point geometry helps to reduce thrust forces required to drive the drill through the workpiece, resulting in precise hole tolerance, minimal entry and exit burr and reduced cost per hole. Engineered products for hole diameters to 15 x D are available on request, as are different flute lengths across the entire product range.Contact:simon.winstanley@dormertools.com

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