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Anti-insect paints, floor coatings
Motley Exim Company undertakes heat-resistant coating jobs under the brand name ‘Dyflon.’  We provide coating jobs to various industries, specially to defense.
Our products
Floor coatings
Anti-insect paints: The unique functional paints have the ultimate solution to prevent fungus. The anti-fungus range of paints fights fungus on the interior and exterior walls of buildings. Special paints are also available for frequent contact with food stuff. Unlike conventional wall coatings, including epoxy and polyurethanes, anti-fungus paints are self-sterilizing. There is a special disinfectant solution available in the range for already infected walls and ceilings.
Anti-insect paints also have double function paints like anti-insect + anti-fungal and anti-bacteria + anti-fungal. These paints are non-toxic and fully safe for human beings and pets. 
Non-slip coatings: The 100 per cent epoxy non-slip coating can be used to prevent accidents on the side walks, ramps, trucks, production areas driveways, basement floor, bricks and stones, steps and more. Designed for use on the floor areas which are subjected to abrasive traffic, impact and/or corrosive spillage. Easy to apply this paint, yet tough enough to stand up to heavy vehicular traffic even fork lift truck on floor areas. This permanent non-skid coating can be painted to prevent slip accident.
Self-smoothing epoxy floor system: High performance, epoxy resin flooring system, supplied as four components in a pre-measured pack for ease of on site mixing and use. the cured resins form a pigmented, smooth, tough layer, which can be easily cleaned.
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