Parallel and angular grippers: Greater choice for automated applications [November 2012]

Parallel and angular grippers are indispensable for automation and robotics. FIPA GmbH has extended their portfolio of parallel and angular grippers. “The constantly growing products range of gripper components moves FIPA another important step towards process optimisation,” comments Rainer Mehrer, Managing Director of FIPA
The new 2-finger parallel and angular grippers can be employed in many areas of automation – for example, for handling tasks in electronics, in the automotive, foodstuff, medical or packaging industries. They are also suitable for removing injection moulded products in the plastics processing industry.
Both gripper families score with their broad range of forces. For example, the 2-finger angular grippers cover a range from 11 to 470 N. The 2-finger parallel grippers with a force from 16 to 320 N are available in double or single action versions. With the single-action type, the gripper jaws close automatically with the help of a return spring after deactivation of the compressed air. The hose assembly can be kept at a minimum because only one compressed air line is required. However, the user cannot influence the closing dynamics and for this reason the double-action version is advantageous with high cycle times. Closing of the grippers can be controlled here precisely with an impulse of compressed air. The robust design with Hartcoat coated adapter jaws represents high process reliability.
Both the parallel and the angular grippers can be provided with optional NPN or PNP sensors signalling reliably whether a part has been gripped. The sensors of the 2-finger parallel grippers are also available with 90° cable angles to facilitate space-saving gripper assembly on base place or retaining plates.The user can install his own gripper jaws with all parallel and angular grippers. FIPA also manufactures application-specific gripper jaws according to customer specifications.
Together with the enormous product range of vacuum cups, vacuum grippers, customer-specific gripper components and the associated development and test services FIPA has a constantly growing range of solutions at its disposal.

FIPA parallel and angular grippers at a glance• Powerful gripping action: The right opening and closing force for nearly any application.2-finger parallel grippers: 16 to 320 N2-finger angular grippers: 11 to 470 N• High process reliability: Robust design with Hartcoat coated adapter jaws. Sensors with PNP or NPN output are optionally available for part monitoring.• Customised gripper jaws: Upon request, FIPA manufactures application-specific gripper jaws according to customer specifications.• Precise gripping: High repeat accuracy up to ± 0.01 mm with the 2-finger angular grippers.

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