PcVue: simplifies application development, maintenance

ARC Informatique, an independent global SCADA provider with 30 years of experience, has introduced PcVue 11, its latest SCADA solution.
The company’s core product, PcVue, is one of the leaders in automation due to its flexibility and open-endedness for designing modern supervision systems. It supports an extensive range of industrial protocols and offers a variety of architectures.
Released in late 2013, PcVue 11 integrates new tools that simplify application development, maintenance and enhance data viewing and processing.
A simpler way for development and maintenance PcVue 11’s new libraries, templating and configuration environments will significantly reduce application development time. Application developers now have access to several thousand new images and animated objects (motors, valves, pipes, conveyor belts, displays, etc.) as well as many predefined, instantiable, templates that natively integrate the behaviour of the objects they represent (variables, alarm pop-ups, symbols, processing operations, thresholds, etc.).
PcVue 11 also features sets of libraries for specific fields such as BMS (heat exchangers, air handling systems, heating systems, lighting, etc.) and electrical distribution systems (circuit breakers, fault detectors, dynamic colouring, etc.).
PcVue 11 integrates three configuration tools to reduce application configuration times – Application Architect (templating), Application Explorer (configuration and diagnostics) and Smart Generator (automatic application generation). In version 11, Application Explorer enhances diagnostics operations by displaying data flows within PcVue as well as between PcVue and external components. Smart Generator imports data from external sources (PLC programs, CAD software, etc.) so that applications can be generated automatically. Configuration data are synchronised and configuration errors are reduced in a single step.
Enhanced viewing and processing of data PcVue 11 provides operators with tools that facilitate the monitoring and controlling of their processes. Its Web-based schedule manager features a more intuitive and user-friendly interface. The new, fully integrated, DataExport module statistically analyses data (min./max., average, duration and recurrence of faults, energy metering) and presents this data in an Excel spreadsheet. Lastly, the TouchVue solution enables programming-free access, through a smartphone or a tablet computer, to the process information in any PcVue application and notifies users when alarms are triggered. Along with WebVue, a Web client that allows programming-free Web-based control of PcVue applications, this module rounds out the PcVue Solutions mobility offering.
PcVue 11 – open and interoperable PcVue 11 supports more than 150 protocols. In the case of energy-management applications, PcVue 11 conforms to the IEC 61850 standard, and its driver is DNV KEMA certified. IEC 60870-5-104 and DNP3 are also available. PcVue supports the BACnet and LON communications protocols for building automation and control networks.
It also supports all standard IT technologies such as OPC Client/Server, SNMP, SQL Server, Windows Server and virtualization (VmWare and Hyper-V). PcVue 11 is an ideal solution for a host of applications, including building management systems, energy management systems, electricity production and distribution, renewable energies, industry, infrastructure, transport, and water treatment and distribution.

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