Prioritise domestic manufacturing

We are advancing further to set up a R&D lab to develop products which are now being imported from other countries.
Nilesh Ramani, Director, Scantech Laser Pvt Ltd
Scantech was established in the year 1991 for manufacturing laser marking machines. The company could identify wide variety of laser applications in diverse fields like automobile, medical, electronics, semiconductors, fabrication and it prompted Scantech.
In an interview with OEM Update, Nilesh Ramani, Director, Scantech Laser Pvt Ltd, shares his views on ‘Make in India’ initiative for the industry and the scope for development in general.
Initiative will bolster growth of laser industry“It’s been great initiative with efforts from the Government of India,” Mr Ramani says.“We have foreseen the future of great technological developments in  regaining the ratio of manufacturers to the world.” India has very few laser or laser system manufacturers due to non-availability of specialists in the field of laser but this problem can be solved as the demand for laser products will rise with this initiative.
Form a body to define the standard of productsMr Ramani suggests, “By forming a certifying body which defines products, terms and standards, it can kick -start the motto, this will also help to grow awareness to people buying the domestically manufactured goods. Indian government should monitor import of goods which is unavailable in India.”
Mr Ramani also feels that there is a necessity to support R&D of equipment required for these products which are imported. Indian government should start education centres of courses for which people travel abroad to study. This is primarily because these courses are not available in India. By making these courses available in India, these technologies can be developed here.
Give priority to domestic manufacturersMr Ramani has also raised voice in favour of single-window clearance for manufacturing sectors with short time frame. He also said, “Deciding the special privileges for the manufacturing sector should be set by bodies at the centre rather than being decided by state level bodies. All government sectors should prioritise domestic manufacturers and the motto of ‘Make In India’ will start.”
Taxation should be made more simpler by implementing GST and by discarding taxes at multiple levels to help solve the differences between manufacturers and  traders. This will help reduce the cost of the end product. Scantech has started giving preferential treatment for domestic manufacturers over import traders. “We are advancing further to set up a R&D lab to develop products which are now being imported from other countries,” says Mr Ramani.

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