Shell launches motorcycle oil made from natural gas

 Shell has launched the next generation of premium motorcycle oil – Shell Advance Ultra with PurePlus Technology. This is the first-ever synthetic motorcycle oil made from natural gas using Shell proprietary gas-to-liquid (GTL) technology, marketed as Shell PurePlus Technology.
Shell PurePlus Technology produces high-quality API Group III base oils, the main component of engine oils, from natural gas instead of crude oil. They are made at the world’s largest gas-to-liquid facility, Pearl GTL in Qatar. A partnership between Shell and Qatar Petroleum, this plant produces up to 1 million tonnes of crystal-clear GTL base oils per year. From here, the base oils are shipped to Shell global storage hubs in Houston, Hamburg, Jebel Ali and Hong Kong. Based on demand, the GTL base oils are then transported to Shell’s network of 50 lubricant blending plants where premium finished products such as Shell Advance Ultra are made.
Motorcycle engines operate in compact, high stress and high heat environments, and need dedicated motorcycle engine oil for best engine performance, protection and cleanliness. Base oils made from Shell PurePlus Technology, offer better lower volatility, better lower temperature properties, better viscosity stability and better piston deposit cleanliness, compared to traditional Group II and Group III base oils. When Shell PurePlus Technology is combined with Shell proprietary chemical additives, the formulation yields motorcycle engine oil that lasts twice as long as a typical oil drain interval, enables riders to stay powerful and helps riders ride for longer.

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