Sliding and rolling: igus hybrid linear bearings in new sizes

drylin double roller hybrid bearings now available for rail  diameters of 10 and 16 mm
 igus, The Cologne-based specialist for lubricant-free bearing technology, has expanded its range of double roller hybrid bearings with two new sizes. The range of hybrid bearings will now be completed with sizes of 10 and 16 millimetres. Lighter and quieter linear running on two rollers – also for applications with reduced installation space.
The quiet and smooth-running hybrid linear bearings from igus are used not only in camera technology, sliding doors or machine tool doors, but increasingly in cabins for construction machinery, or even for the individual hobbyist’s needs. To facilitate the design engineer in their selection, there is the option of two additional sizes of hybrid carriage. Behind the innovative concept of this bearing from igus is the combined advantages of plain and roller bearings. For extremely smooth and almost silent operation, the concept provides two angularly opposed rollers made of maintenance-free high performance plastics. The rollers take the weight in the main load and ensure low driving forces for manual operation. When misuse or moment forces occur, they will be absorbed smoothly over the sliding element, thus eliminating the risk of the carriage leaving the rail at the same time the movement of heavy loads becomes possible with minimal effort – all absolutely free of lubricant.
Suitability for the design of smaller installation sizes“The hybrid bearings available with 20 mm diameter have already proven themselves in practice,” says Stefan Niermann, head of the drylin linear and drive technology division at igus. “If only one guide rail is necessary, the user saves considerable space. In this aspect we have now gone one step ahead and offered the double roller hybrid bearings in new, smaller installation sizes of 10 and 16 millimetres.” These allow the design engineer now an even more flexible installation of the bearings, such as for control panels or stage setting installations on double rails and in combination with a complete carriage. Since the hybrid bearings encompass more than 180 degrees, they can also be used on simple shafts.
Ideally suited for manual operationDue to the low friction of the hybrid bearing, the required displacement force could be reduced by factor 5. They are therefore ideally suited for manual operation. Since loads up to 100 kg can be easily moved manually, they are ideal for applications in the furniture and office equipment industry (for example, sliding doors) as well as camera and monitor installations. The double roller bearings, which are priced lower than the common rolling solutions in the market, offer an efficient solution and can be ordered as a separate bearing carriage, or as a completely pre-assembled hybrid carriage. n
Vinayak ShettyProduct Managerigus (India) Private Limited36/1, Sy. No. 17/3, Euro School Road,Dodda Nekkundi Industrial Area – 2nd StageMahadevapura Post, Bengaluru – 560048Tele: +91-80-45127800Cell: +91-9341136381vinayak@igus.inwww.igus.in_____________________________________________________The double roller hybrid bearings in 10 and 16 millimetres complete the hybrid bearings range from igus (Source: igus GmbH)________________________________________________________Behind the innovative concept of hybrid bearings is the combination of plain and roller bearings: offering quiet running and smooth motion at the same time (Source: igus GmbH)

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