Syno Manufactures Precision Pumps for Sugar Industry

“Sugar Industry is our prime sector. We have been pioneers in Indian Sugar Industry with our successful introduction of Molasses Pumps. At present, we cover more than sugar mills in India itself”, says Malkeet Singh, COO, Syno Engineers.
Syno Engineers manufactures pumps and spare parts since 1975. Which are the industries your products are catering for?
Syno manufactures Progressive Cavity Pumps. These pumps are commonly used in Viscous application in industries like Sugar, Paper, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverages, ETPs & STPs etc.
What are the products and services you offer for sugar industry?
Sugar Industry is our prime sector. We have been pioneers in Indian Sugar Industry with our successful introduction of Molasses Pumps. At present, we cover more than sugar mills in India itself. Further on, we have developed pumps for other typical liquids.
We are providing Pumps and Retrofit Spare Parts for International brands. We offer OEM as well as AMC services for the Sugar Industry.
Can you list out the application areas of your Syno products for Sugar industry?
Most frequently Syno Pumps are installed in Molasses applications. These pumps are also used in Flocculent Dozing, Syrup and Magma Applications. We are further designing pumps for most demanded and typical application of Dry–Seed and Massecuitte.
There are many players in pumps industry that provide pumps for Sugar industry. What are the unique advantages of your applications?
Research & Development has been the heart of our company. We frequently undertake jobs which require ‘application engineering’ and to be specific on the product required by the customer. We have always focused on slashing the maintenance cost and down–time which is the need of time in the current scenario of the Sugar Industry. With the launch of New Syno SDA range of pumps, we promise our customers of totally different experience in terms of maintenance and down–time.
Where do your products stand in terms of attaining global technology?
Our products are recognized in the countries from where they are originated. Our active participations in exhibitions and seminars abroad keep our company actively involved in meeting and exceeding Global Technology Mark. Global need is to produce quality and innovative products at cost–effective pricing. We surely are progressing and reaching that level.
What about manufacturing facility and production capacity?
We have a new state–of–the–art manufacturing workshop in Kanpur with facilities for precision manufacturing CNC and SPMs (Special Purpose Machine) and testing of products. A modern machine shop houses modern machine for Rotor machining, Milling centers, Center lathes, Radial drilling machines, Vertical boring machines, horizontal boring machines, shapers, long thread milling machines etc.
We have an in–house polymer plant for manufacturing of stators and have machines like Open roll mixing mill, Hydraulic presses, Extruders & etc. We have a tool room to manufacture the complex steel cores for the stators, jigs and fixtures for better productivity levels and pattern shop for making of wooden or aluminum patterns required for casting purpose.
What kind of stringent quality assurance procedure being followed by your manufacturing facilities?
We carry a Quality check procedure at each level and stage of manufacturing. Continuous investments in precision measuring instruments, state–of–the–art testing facility and a dedicated team of engineers are testimony to Syno’s commitment to maintain and constantly upgrade the quality of its products. The manufacturing units are certified for conformance to the ISO 9001–2000 quality surveillance systems.
Which is that one state or region in India where you find maximum opportunities for your business and why?
Well it’s is a typical question since each state has an advantage of a particular industry sector. For past few years we find good opportunity in Gujarat due to the Chemical and allied industry and good infrastructure.
Do you have any export market?
Our Company generates approximately 30% of sales from the exports. We have channel partners in Australia, UK, Vietnam, Syria etc. For many countries we are doing business with end–users/customers.
What are your further expansion plans?
With new financial year 2011–12, we plan to open a new 100% EOU (Export Oriented Unit) in Kanpur. This will benefit our company both in terms of money and exposure to enter new markets.      

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