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Auto Shanghai 2023: Valeo presents its latest technologies for smarter, safer and greener mobilities

Auto Shanghai 2023: Valeo presents its latest technologies for smarter, safer and greener mobilities

April 19, 2023 6:24 pm

China is Valeo’s largest country with 35 sites and nearly 20,000 employees. Valeo believes in “being Chinese in China” and has strengthened its presence in the country since 1994. We are now an integral part of the local ecosystem and our 4,000 engineers are preparing the future of mobility. 

For almost three decades, Valeo has built trustful relationships with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. Our four business groups and Valeo Service are active in the country and produce locally, with a local supply chain, for the Chinese market. More than 90% of our production in China is for the national automotive market, which is the largest in the world. 

Preparing the Future of Mobility in China 

Valeo has 14 research and development centers in China with 4,000 engineers who work on preparing the future of mobility for the Chinese market. After setting up a global technology center in Wuhan, a Valeo China Innovation and Mobility Center was opened in Beijing last year and a new center for innovation in ADAS will open in Shanghai soon. 

“Innovation is a key driver of Valeo. The group has always placed China in an important development position and will continue to increase investment in China. At Valeo China, we are proud to contribute to the group’s innovation, for the Chinese market but also overseas. We are looking forward to strengthening local R&D efforts and R&D personnel training, together with our partners, to build an infinite and sustainable future for mobility” said GU Jianmin, Valeo China CTO. 

In addition to internal product innovation and optimization, Valeo has always been committed to open innovation, working with well-known academic institutions, innovative technology companies and universities to actively cooperate, and maintain a competitive advantage for future business through continuous innovation. The Group established a joint laboratory with Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2016 and invested in the Cathay CarTech Fund, aiming to expand the mobility ecosystem in China. In 2022, Valeo and Huazhong University of Science and Technology established a joint laboratory for vibration and acoustics (V&A-LAB China) to further strengthen joint innovation with universities. 

New eDeliver4U 

At Auto Shanghai, Valeo presented new eDeliver4U, an autonomous and electric delivery droid equipped with Valeo’s cutting-edge innovations and entirely developed in China. 

The droid is based on an electrified chassis integrating Valeo’s 48V solutions for light mobility. It is also equipped with Valeo’s latest mass-produced ADAS sensors and software stack to enable automated mobility. The Valeo lighting technologies enhance safety and ensure communication with other road users. 

The sensor cleaning systems enable the droid to operate in all-weather conditions and various road conditions. 

On the booth, Valeo will present Valeo Lighting Experience and the Digital Twin. Valeo is developing artificial intelligence systems to define and visualize holistic designs in real-time by combining style, functionality and technologies. These cutting-edge systems will accelerate the virtual development of lighting solutions, with prototypes built at the latest possible stage, thus reducing development costs. The solutions also resolve the issue of hardware obsolescence by offering style updates throughout the life of the vehicle. Our partnership with Ningbo Swell also enables us to offer state of the art signaling integrated in central areas, easier local development and decoration. 

China is at the forefront of the development of autonomous driving. Our sensor cleaning portfolio contributes to the reliability of automated cars, whatever the weather and seasons. 

Finally, interior lighting is also being reinvented and extended across surfaces to create a more immersive experience for passengers. It can be used for a variety of purposes such as delivering navigation information, visualizing music, creating personalized and relaxing atmospheres, etc. Immersion is made possible by engaging multiple senses such as sight, sound and touch. 

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