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Pug Mill is a kind of a mixer, which mixes materials based on the industry requirement. Different industry uses different types of pug mill e.g. foundry machines uses open drum pug mill, construction industry uses drum type and etc. Types of pug mill are defined based on construction and rotating shaft.

This kind of application cannot be catered through a standard product; it needs some special features to make it suitable for an application. Construction industry mostly uses synchronised twin shaft mixers, two gearbox mounted on each mixing shaft and synchronised with joint. Gearbox need to have pulley mounting and synchronisation arrangement at input shaft.

Power build team worked on the application requirement, challenges of the specific use and criticality of the dimensions. Radicon Power Build has come up with a solution for construction industry pug mill. Today, the company supplies special planetary units which are running successfully in the market.

PBL is having a range up to 65000 Nm for this application with PR series gearbox.

Electricity is the blood for any industry. While coal and mining industry provide the key source of raw material to these power plants, a major part of any large-scale stockyard operation is the stacker that deposits the bulk materials in the pre-set patterns and systems.

Long Travel (LT) drive is such application of stacker and reclaimer equipment where accurate and synchronised motion of multiple drives matters a lot. Smoother start and precise braking operation with rugged travel across the stacking path needs quick responses of electrical as well as mechanical drive.

Radicon Power Build offers the helical bevel geared motor for LT drive. Hollow shaft and torque arm based vertical mounting of geared motor are suitable drive solutions. Fail-safe brake operation through limit switch feedback ensuresa lesser downtime.

Radicon Power Build’s series ‘K’ is an extremely efficient right-angled gearbox. It can deliver torque up to 33,000 Nm.Apart from superior aesthetics; the product is very flexible in terms of mounting options

The company is committed to provide world-class solution to its valued customers; PBL incorporated the best of international technologies from Germany, Japan and UK thereby offering an array of products adapted to the specific needs of the Indian industry.

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