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ACREX has been one of the largest events to the HVAC&R industry where many companies come up to launch their new products. With large number of exhibitors and participants from across the globe are expected to witness an aesthetical value in the HVAC&R industry at ACREX 2018. It’s a great platform for all the stake-holders on the industry to come together –manufacturers, designers, contractors to service providers and distributors where all are able to witness new technologies, products and network with each other

It’s an excellent opportunity for not just one but many to learn and gain knowledge at such an expo. In simpler words, ACREX has ensured that Indian HVAC industry and the market are exposed to the international players. We get a very large contingent of international visitors as well as exhibitors to the expo. For anyone this is the best occasion to be seen or witness others. Presenting new technologies at ACREX 2018 this year:

Perfect platform to highlight latest products, trends and innovations

ACREX 2018 is an all-encompassing exhibition covering HVAC, refrigeration and building automation systems. With more than 600 exhibitors and international level participation by more than 30 countries, it acts as the best platform for the exchange of ideas among professionals. It also provides a great opportunity to highlight the latest products, trends and innovations in the industry. Gurmeet Singh, Managing Director, Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Ltd, says, “With the industry boundaries expanding and new products and technologies coming in, our key focus this season will be to share our key product offerings in both B2B and B2C cooling segments that address the new cooling needs. Enabling us to do so, ACREX not only acts as a perfect platform for potential business-enabling collaborations, but also as a living resource pool and a seamless amalgamation of integrated building solutions.”

Hitachi to showcase B2C and B2B segments

Hitachi is one of the frontrunner companies in India with industry leading expertise and innovation at its core in air conditioning. Over the last 30 years of its existence in India, its brand Hitachi has become synonymous with advanced Japanese technology and cooling expert in the Indian air conditioning market. Positioned as a technology leader and one of the premium air conditioning brands in India, Hitachi has time after time introduced products and technologies which have revolutionised and changed the air conditioning industry’s landscape.

SET-FREE Sigma (?) Series

This year, Hitachi has launched its new SET-FREE Sigma (?) Series. Named after the mathematical symbol “?” which stands for the combined strengths of Johnson Controls and Hitachi VRF technologies, this series has been designed with global expertise especially for the Indian climate and consumers. It offers higher energy efficiency, engineered aesthetics, enhanced strengths, compact design, compact cooling and heating. Thus, with least energy wastage, maximal capacity in minimalistic floor space, SET FREE-Sigma Series gives energy efficient performance combined with premium looks.

JCH-IN also introduced Toushi Ductable Air Conditioners, Flexi Split ACs and 8 new models of Cassette ACs in Light Commercial PAC. Three new imported models in air cooled screw chillers, water cooled screw chillers and direct drive centrifugal chillers were also introduced.

Singh informs, “We are constantly working on the philosophy of producing best technology products with the three pillars of innovation, energy saving and comfort and it is this, that drives us to deliver and give the best to our consumers.”

ECOLINE reciprocating compressor and BITZER IQ MODULE

At ACREX India 2018, BITZER India to exhibit its ECOLINE reciprocating compressor series in combination with the BITZER IQ MODULE. The whole series combines optimal efficiency both for full and part load, which means high cooling capacity with minimal energy requirements. Harvinder Bhatia, Managing Director, BITZER India, informs, “Whether new refrigerants like R1234yf, R1234ze (E), low-GWP blends or natural refrigerants and in the light of rising high-GWP-refrigerant prices: ECOLINE compressors are made to use refrigerants that reduce the direct contribution to global warming. In combination with the BITZER IQ MODULE, they are a milestone in terms of efficiency and environment protection: The module improves the efficiency of the entire system and enhances the application limits of compressors, as it automatically adjusts the cooling capacity based on the actual requirements. BITZER developed the IQ MODULE to simplify the application and to improve the results. Compressors with the IQ MODULE are easy to use and to install. Furthermore, the modules make maintenance on as well as off site much easier, faster and cheaper.”

He adds, “The pioneering advantage is that the IQ MODULE makes the compressor intelligent by simplifying its electronic connection to the superior system control. The module distinguishes itself by three main characteristics: availability, efficiency and communication. It monitors various application limits like motor and discharge gas temperature as well as oil pressure.”

The company has recently introduced warranty extension packages exceeding the legally required warranty of 12 months for most of its products with additional benefits for IQ products. Customers benefit from a complimentary one-year extra warranty on all BITZER IQ products bought starting from this date – exceeding the legal one-year warranty. Moreover, Bhatia asserts, “We have expanded our customer service and have updated our tried-and-tested spare parts software BITZER EPARTS. This makes it even easier for users to find the right spare parts for their refrigeration systems.”

Kirloskar offers water cooled screw chiller

Kirloskar Chillers is a part of the Kirloskar Group, a well-known brand in India and abroad. Synonymous with one of the world-class engineered products, the Group has over 125 years of industrial expertise, playing a pivotal role in India’s economic growth.

Kirloskar Chillers claims to be the first Indian chiller manufacturer to offer AHRI certified chillers and also having an AHRI-certified chiller test facility in India. Gaurang Dabholkar, Associate Vice-President – Sales, Kirloskar Chillers Pvt Ltd, states, “In 2013, Kirloskar Chillers introduced a range of oil-free centrifugal chillers using magnetic bearing compressors with outstanding part load performance, very low noise levels and soft start features, which have proved to be popular for continuous duty applications such as hospitals, hotels, pharma and process cooling applications.”
Kirloskar Chillers is one of the pioneers in manufacturing chillers with ozone-friendly HFC refrigerants to the Indian market in 1996, at a time when CFC refrigerants were the norm. Today, its entire range of products uses zero-ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) refrigerants such as HFC 134a and HFC 407C.  Dabholkar informs, “In continuation of this ‘Green’ commitment, Kirloskar Chillers has recently introduced Water Cooled Screw Chiller with 4th Generation Hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) Refrigerant R-1234ze. These chillers offer efficient flooded evaporator design, lower operating or standing pressures compared to R-134a chillers and inverter-driven compressors to enhance chiller part load performance.”

R-1234ze refrigerant a sustainable alternative to HFC

R-1234ze refrigerant is a safe, efficient and sustainable alternative to HFC Refrigerants. Some of the features of using Refrigerant R-1234ze are as follows:

  • Zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential)
  • GWP (Global Warming Potential) lesser than 1
  • Reduces direct CO2 emissions by 99.6 per cent
  • Reduces indirect CO2 emissions due to the lower energy consumption
  • Non-Toxic, low flammability
  • Atmospheric life only 18 days, compared to 13-year life for R 134a.

FX introduces a range of heat exchanger products

FX Multitech Pvt Ltd, established in 1994, is one of the leading importers and distributors of European brands of components suiting the refrigeration segment. “In the endeavour to cover the entire gamut of refrigeration applications and offer synergistic offering covering the cold chain segment, FX during 2014 hived off ‘ROLLFIN’ division to exclusively focus and drive heat exchanger products,” states, V. Raja Rao, Director, Rollfin (Heat Exchanger Division), Fx Multitech Pvt Ltd.

During mid-2017, FX in association with Turkey based company ‘KARYER’,  introduced a wide range of heat exchanger products for the India and SAARC markets.

Karyer Isi Transfer is one of the major manufacturers of heat exchangers, with export to 72 countries in 6 continents with ISO 9001: 2008 certification and EUROVENT, CE, UL, PED certified standards. Karyer is among the top 1,000 exporters of Turkey since 2007.

The freon products recently launched are:

  • Cooling and heating coils
    X Eurovent certified
    X Refrigeration and air-conditioning condensers and evaporators
    X Coils for mobile refrigeration
  • DX evaporators
    X EA series ceiling units – 1Kw TO 252Kw
    X EA-DA series units – dedicated for F&V segment – 2Kw to 56Kw
    X ED series units – double flow units – 2kW – 117Kw
    X EK-K & EK-S series floor blast units – 5Kw to 115kw
  • Air cooled condensers
    X KT series  – commercial units
    X KA series  – vertical industrial units – 19Kw to 1400Kw
    X KB series  –  horizontal units –19Kw to 1400Kw
    X KC series  –  V type units – 84Kw to 1956kw
  • KARBOX – condensing units (w/o compressor)
    X CHH/CSH series – closed type, horizontal flow units – 4Kw to 50Kw
    X CSV/CSSV series – closed type, vertical flow units – 6Kw to 135Kw
    X CSSA series – closed type, angle flow units – 55Kw to 90Kw
    X CSSVH series – closed type, vertical flow units – 40Kw to 135kw

Some of the salient features of the product range are:

  • Largest fin geometry – 28 alternatives available
  • Casing with 275gsm of galvanised sheet (RAL 9016)
  • Fitted with reputed German make fans
  • Fan motor ratings of IP44 and IP54
  • European product
  • Compatible for all refrigerants including propane, isobutene and CO2
  • Possibility of units with inox casing.


Our key focus this season will be to share our key product offerings in both B2B and B2C cooling segments that address the new cooling needs.
Gurmeet Singh,
Managing Director, Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Ltd

R-1234ze refrigerant is a safe, efficient and sustainable alternative to HFC Refrigerants.
Gaurang Dabholkar,
Associate Vice-President – Sales, Kirloskar Chillers Pvt Ltd

Compressors with the IQ MODULE are easy to use and to install. Furthermore, the modules make maintenance on as well as off site much easier, faster and cheaper.
Harvinder Bhatia,
Managing Director, BITZER India


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