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Shell Lubricants launches ‘Made in India’ lubricants

Shell Lubricants announced the launch of ‘Made in India’ Shell Tellus S2 MX and Shell Tellus S2 VX, claims to be ‘The Future of Hydraulic Oils’ in India.
 India marks the first leg of the global product launch which shall be followed by unveiling of the new products across Singapore, Thailand, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Germany, Australia and France markets to name a few.
 The Shell Tellus range of hydraulic oils have been developed to enable equipment operators to select the fluid that will help to deliver optimum value to their operations through: wear protection, long fluid life, and system efficiency. The company has invested in R&D to upgrade the previous formulations and is now ready to roll-out the next generation hydraulic oils that offer significantly improved performance in these three areas. Shell Tellus S2 MX and Shell Tellus S2 VX are the upgraded formulations of the Shell Tellus S2 M and S2 V hydraulic fluids respectively. For customers, this amounts to more reliable and efficient equipment operation, which can help reduce unplanned downtime, lower maintenance costs, and contribute to savings in total cost of ownership (TCO).
 According to Shell Lubricants, the new hydraulic oils are fully compatible with previous generation Shell Tellus S2 hydraulic oil and most other mineral oil based fluids in the market, making it easy for customers to introduce the new formulation to their equipment.
 “The new Shell Tellus S2 MX and Shell Tellus S2 VX deliver TOST (Turbine Oil Stability Test) life of over 5,000 hours –  three times that of typical industry and OEM limits, and double that of the previous generation of Shell Tellus S2 (2,500 h). This enables customers to operate their equipment for longer with fewer maintenance breaks, which can contribute to lower maintenance costs and reduced downtime. The condition and quality of the hydraulic fluid has a direct impact on the performance of the system,” Shell Lubricants said issuing a statement.
 The new products will be available in India starting September and will be available in pack sizes of 209 litres and 20 litres. 

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