Bipolar Inductronics

Portable induction heaters
Portable induction heating machine: Item Code: IGBT-01. They provide low-cost solutions for various applications and save substantial amount of power. 
Induction heating equipment: Item Code: THOS-02.  These have the following features: Available in 05 kw to 300 kw, minimum maintenance, time regulator of 1-99 secs in all models, etc.
Dual heating system: Item Code: Dual-05. These are available with single control unit but dual coilbox units.
Billet heater: Item Code: Bill-07. Various designs, including converised and manual forms of billet heaters are available to meet applications of forging industry.
Bar heater: Item Code: BARH-08. Similar to the billet heater, we also offer different types of bar heater for forging industry. Our equipment can be used in upsetting & metal gathering industry.
Induction heaters: Item Code: Bulk-09. We have developed special induction heaters, which are capable of multiple heating.
Carbide segments: Item Code: SGMT-10. This SPM has been custom designed for brazing of carbide or diamond segments/ tips on the circular or straight saw. This model ensures high accuracy/ repeatability. It also increases the speed of the entire process.
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