ElectroMech cranes lower total cost of ownership

“ElectroMech cranes have proven themselves to be reliable work horses in plants and construction sites,” says Tushar Mehendale, Managing Director, ElectroMech Material Handling Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd.
 Established in 1979, ElectroMech is one of the largest EOT cranes manufacturers in India. It offers solutions for various applications in manufacturing plants and infrastructure projects through its range of hoists and cranes. Tushar Mehendale analyses the current status of MHE industry in India and also believes in potential of private sector.
Brief overview The material handling equipment industry has been on a continuous growth at varying pace over the years. This can be attributed to the huge amount of investments made by public as well as private enterprises in the construction, manufacturing and allied industries, thus giving a direct push towards creating a huge demand for the crane industry. Material handling forms a vital part of any manufacturing process or construction project and is certain to witness steady growth over the next 5 – 7 years. 
The industrial cranes market in India is highly fragmented which could be in the region of ` 2,200 – ` 2,500 crores per annum. Approximately 30 per cent of the demand comes from the government sector and PSUs while the remaining 70 per cent comes from the private sector. Over 40 per cent of the total market is dominated by a handful of reputed names in the organised sector. The rest of the market is shared by more than 250 small crane companies.Private sector being vibrantThe market size has contracted slightly in the past couple of years due to the slowdown in the Indian economy. However, with the new governments’ emphasis on the revival of manufacturing and allied industries, the company is anticipating that the industry to rebounded to around ` 2,000 crore – ` 2,200 crore range in next few years.
“The private sector is considered to be the most vibrant part of the Indian economy, growing at a sustained high pace and is willing to adopt newer technologies, thus creating scope for innovation in the crane industry,” says Mr Mehendale.
On dividing the sector region-wise in terms of quantities of the total requirement, it shows Western India contributes around 50-55 per cent, Southern India contributes around 20-25 per cent, Northern India 15-20 per cent, and Eastern India around 5-10 per cent. The total volume for industrial cranes is estimated to be approximately 10,000 cranes per year. ElectroMech’s share of the organised industrial cranes market is approximately 20 per cent.
Excelling ElectroMech  ElectroMech has been in the business of building cranes since 1979. Over 35 years in the industry, it has always focused on for quality, on-time delivery and prompt service. These attributes are propagated throughout the market, more through word-of-mouth, giving the company a lot of referential as well as repeat business, believes the company.
ElectroMech positions itself as a solutions provider and not just a supplier of cranes. The company sales engineers spend time with customers to understand their handling requirements, appreciate their plant layouts, understand their constraints, provide information on wheel loads and crane geometry, suggest alternatives to their structural consultant and provide every sort of assistance that is required before proposing a product. In short, the company ensures selection of the most optimum equipment that will satisfy customers’ needs. It believes that a service approach to selling is more important.
“ElectroMech cranes have proven themselves to be reliable work horses in plants and construction sites and are hence a preferred choice for companies looking for a lower total cost of ownership and reliable equipment,” adds Mr Mehendale.
Its products are designed to suit customers’ applications, working environment and usage cycles. Every crane undergoes design validation to make sure the right motors, gearboxes and electrical components for the application are selected. To improve the energy efficiency of the entire transmission system in its cranes and make the overall product more energy efficient, the company uses geared motors for most of its cranes instead of the traditional motor, gearbox and coupling combinations. VFD drives installed in its cranes ensure smooth operations as well as an added feature of micro speeds wherever required.
ElectroMech’s offeringsCore manufacturing companies have the maximum demand for cranes due to the nature of their work. Automobile and auto ancillaries, power, infrastructure construction, shipyards, capital goods manufacturers, general engineering and fabrication industries in particular have a large demand for ElectroMech’s products. Automotive manufacturers and their allied suppliers require light-duty crane systems ranging from a few hundred KGs for assembly lines to around 50 MT and more cranes for stamping operations.
ElectroMech also offers material handling solutions for various applications in manufacturing plants. The company’s product portfolio includes electric wire rope hoists, single girder and double girder EOT cranes, Jib cranes, wall travelling cranes, goliath cranes, under slung cranes, as well as special purpose cranes such as stacker cranes, single failure proof cranes and tunnel mucking systems.
Company commitmentsElectroMech firmly believes in offering cutting-edge products and services to its clients. Its associations with renowned companies allow the company to explore advanced technology solutions from world leaders. These solutions together with ElectroMech’s domain knowledge, understanding of the local market and infrastructure help its customers to get quality products from ElectroMech.
The company has enjoyed the distinction of being one of the largest industrial cranes manufacturers in the Indian market and will continue to maintain this position in the future as well.
 Manufacturing potentialElectroMech’s plant at Pirangut, near Pune, is spread over 20 acres of land and has a manufacturing area of 23,000 sq. mtr. The company has implemented a piece flow process within its plant that enables it to have a capacity to manufacture more than 1,500 cranes a year.
Its semi-automated stacker crane system in the stores enables it to store all components in a systematic, palletised manner and enables quick retrieval. The plant is equipped with the state-of-the-art CNC plasma cutting machines with an innovative vertical plate storage system that enables fast and precise cutting of steel used in fabrication of the cranes. It has semi-automated welding systems that ensure a consistent and quality welding.
The company also boasts of one of the largest paint booth in the industry – 50m long and 8m wide. This is a down-draft type paint booth that allows the company to paint multiple crane components simultaneously. Its dispatch area is also unique and is serviced by a giant 42m span single girder gantry crane with a SWL of 20T that speeds up the dispatch process. The company’s plant is one of the largest crane manufacturing facilities in the country and is equipped to handle the expected rise in the demand from the industry in the near future.

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