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Automatic Smart Machining Center-S8 series


A valuable vertical machining center is the result of constant creative concepts and total dedication to quality. When the ambition of pursing perfection is incorporated into the design, the result is a perfect machine.

The main technologies of Hartford smart center include intelligent managing system, status monitoring, alarm predicting, machine status diagnosis, crash preventing, 3D program simulation, machining efficiency improving, etc. All the intelligent functions help you control the machine status and assure the job quality.

Intelligent controller
• With three major solutions, Hartrol Plus takes your machining to the next level
• Highly optimised and intelligent controls bring even more capabilities and productivity to your metal cutting processes
• With ease use, advanced automation, and smart data collection, Hartrol Plus is essential tool for enhancing performance on your production floor
• 20 per cent cost cut
• Productivity increase upto 23 per cent
• Efficiency increase 20 per cent
Tough, rugged and durable

One of the important elements that determines a machining center’s accuracy and capability is structural rigidity. S8 series was designed according to the principles of FEA. Optimal rigid design construction assures stability and deformation-free precision year after year.

Increases productivity, maintains product quality and consistent precise movements without any fatigue with the fully automatic engine cylinder manufacturing lines.

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