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Daspass Duct Heaters


• Constructed as standard units
• Tailored to suit customers’ specific requirement
• Designed for operation in temperature conditions up to 950-degree F
• Suitable for use in relative humidity up to 90 per cent.

Incoloy – 800, stainless steel – 321 sheathing of tubular elements with or without fins. U/M shape elements are mounted on a detachable terminal plate using galvanized retainers. A mounting flange permits attachment to the duct work. Individual elements are easily replaced or interchanged. Where the application calls for a higher temperature, the case is constructed from heat resisting steels. A thermal cut-out fitted for protection against overheating. Safety auto thermostat cut-off required temperature control, contractor and fan interlock devices, SSR, SCR, BMS compatible are available as optional extras, M / explosion resistant covers (flame proof) and element are also available. Zero clearance construction or selected elements by calculated wire temperature method.

Open coil construction
Heating element are open coil 80 per cent nickel 20 per cent chrome type resistance wire are machine crimped into stainless steel. Terminals are supported by ceramic bushings staked into supporting brackets.

Air-conditioning (AHU – FCU), high temperature batteries, load bank of generators, industrial drying ovens, heat treatment, offices, buildings, institutes, retail stores, and much more.

Available types
• Unitary commercial industrial heaters
• Custom-built (CB) duct heaters
• Stock-line (SL) duct heaters
• Remote panel (RP) duct heaters
• Flange mount (FM) duct heaters
• Slip-mount (SM) duct heaters
• Round mount (RM) duct heaters
• Bottom mount (BM) duct heaters
• Double decker mount (DDM) duct heaters.

• Capacity – 3 kW to 1,000 kW
• Operating voltage 110, 220, 230, 415, 600 (1-3 PH) AC/50-60 Hz.

Daspass Sales Corporation
A-4, Street No. 4, Anand Parbat Industrial Area,
New Delhi – 110005
Mobile: +91-9810038626, 9718998006, 9718998027, 9718998007

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