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DHS enables ‘zero accident machine’ in factory


Faco offers DHS, a safety system package having a unique design to bring safety for power presses. This safety system is more suitable for key/rolling key/mechanical power presses where it is highly accident prone during busy production schedules on the machine. This safety system gives a ‘zero accident machine’ in a factory. It is also proven to deliver more productivity when installed on the machine.


• The operating mode available on this system are,
Mode 1: A safety double hand switch stroke mode.
Mode 2: A safety foot switch continuous mode.
Mode 3: A safety foot switch stroke mode.
Mode 4: A safety isolation mode, for maintenance purpose.
• Electrical: Voltage 230VAC, single phase, 50Hz Current 0.5 Amps
• Mechanical: Maximum speed to the rated speed of operation of power press response time less than 0.5 sec
• Pneumatics: Pressure 6 bar, quality of air dry, unlubricated, filtered air.

About FACO:
Since 1998, FACO marks its presences across India and abroad for a safety product called ‘Double Hand Safety System’ that creates a ‘zero accident zone’ in manufacturing units, that can be used for:
• Power press
• Hydraulic press
• Pneumatic press
• Shearing machine
• Spot welding machine
• Capacity welding
• Forging machine.


Faco Automation
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Agra Road Industrial Premises Co-op. Soc. Ltd,
Off. LBS Marg, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai – 400086
Tele: +91-9324291298

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