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Energy efficient water chillers for OEMs


Annair Drychill Tech (I) Pvt Ltd. has been into manufacturing series of water chillers (process chillers) with improved efficiency and greater functionality. It is equipped with hermetic compressors and high-end heat exchanges for providing powerful cooling ability with low vibration and noise. They are created with superior quality materials in order to function with energy efficiency. These water chillers require low maintenance and are available in market at competitive prices.

Annair water chillers are widely accepted in the industry. They manufacture the chiller as per the OEM specifications and of the end user’s as well. The process chiller range starts from 0.25 Tr to 20 Tr mainly for the process applications. These chillers are compact in design, and are mounted on castor wheels. Parts from reputed HVAC & electrical manufactures are used in these chillers. Process chillers are available with water cooled andair cooled condensers. We have stainless brazed plate exchangers, shell and tube, tube in tube and coil in tank type evaporates.

Annair water chillers are designed for cooling of process equipments, parts and media in various industries such as plastic moulding, PET blowing, CNC machines, water treatment, packaging machinery etc.

Its key features are:
• Energy efficient
• Low maintenance
• High performance
• Durable
• Standard material
• Chillers are skid mounted, compact and ready to install
• It comes as fully automatic with controls from tried and reputed sources
• Shell and tube or plate exchangers ensure constant and quick cooling effects
• Liberally sized fan and high efficiency fin and tube air cooled condensers are used
• Water chillers are tailor-made to suit different working parameters
• High pressure and high volume pumps for round the clock operations
• Stainless steel storage tank
• Digital temperature indicator controller for precise temperature controlling.
• Audio visual indication for controls and safeties

It finds its application in:
• Plastic moulding
• Metrology packaging
• Pharmaceutical
• Printing
• Semiconductor
• Leather industry
• Textile

Other details that makes it stand apart from it competitors are:
• Different options available for cooling module
• Fully automatic with controls of reputed brands
• Liberally sized fan and high efficiency fin and tube condensers
• Stainless steel storage tank and internals are available
• Digital temperature indicator for precise operation
• High pressure and volume pumps suitable for round the clock operation.

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