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Graebert launches advanced multi-device CAD solutions

Graebert introduces ARES Commander 2016 and ARES Touch, one of the most advanced multi-device CAD solutions
  Graebert, one of the pioneers in high-performance Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) solutions across desktop and mobile devices, has announced the availability of the 2016 version of its acclaimed ARES Commander 2D, 3D CAD package in India.
ARES Commander 2016, which runs on 32- and 64-bit Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, is an advanced DWG-based CAD software. Graebert also announced the launch of ARES Touch, world’s true CAD solution for Android and iOS mobile devices. Far more than a simple viewer or editor, ARES Touch is a complete professional CAD solution, using the same acclaimed CAD engine powering ARES Commander.
The core product development of ARES Commander 2016 and ARES Touch has been done at Graebert’s India Development Centre (IDC) in Noida. During the product launch, Graebert India also announced major investment plans, to expand the Indian operations. “India is important for Graebert’s future growth, both, in terms of developing new path-breaking products, and business opportunities. Graebert has already invested $4 million in India and plans to further invest $5 million in order to expand the capacity of the India business to meet growth needs,” informed Surya Sarda,Director – Marketing, Graebert India.
Graebert India will soon launch ARES Map, which is a hybrid solution that bridges the intelligence of GIS contents and a full-featured CAD system.
Graebert offers flexible and cost-effective licensing models that help customers to reduce the number of licenses and costs.
“ARES Commander is the best substitute for AutoCAD with aggressive pricing and its flexible and unique licensing options. Its availability on Linux, in addition its support for Windows and Mac, is a very big advantage in terms of cost as well as security,” says Atul Upadhyaya, Partner, Geomitra.
“ARES Commander is feature-rich and user-friendly CAD software with many unique and productive tools. Its support for cross-platform CAD technologies makes switching over from any CAD software simple and easy. Prices are affordable and the technical support is best-of-breed,” opines Ravi AL, General Manager, Works, Kamadhenu Auto CNC.
Key features of ARES Commander 2016 are:• Quick Input: Enter coordinates, angles and distances right next to the cursor. Quick Input also displays dynamic information about lengths, angles, prompts and options. • Annotation Scaling: Annotative scaling adjusts the size and scale of the dimensions, texts, hatches and blocks to the scale of each viewport. • Drawing Tabs: Drawing Tabs are now displayed at the top of the drawing window area. When flying the cursor over one tab one can see a preview of the drawing and its different layouts to switch quickly to the desired view.• DGN Import: The Import DGN command inserts content from DGN files (V7 or V8) as a block in the drawing. It offers a higher interoperability with other professionals.• LayerState Manager: The new LayerState Manager allows to create and name different scenarios for layers to easily switch between them. One can hide some layers and change the colour to show different aspects of the same project.• More XtraTools Commands: A new group of productivity-driven commands. Besides PatternHatch and CurvedText or the utility tools for blocks some of these features include break lines, convert a single line text into a multiline one, make LineStyles by specifying entities, and a lisp explorer.
About Graebert India  Graebert India is a wholly owned subsidiary of Graebert GmbH, Germany. A member of Nasscom, the company has a state-of-the-art product development centre in Noida. The company’s sales operations are headquartered in Noida with representative offices in Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai and Pune. Graebert’s CAD solutions—ARES Commander and ARES Touch are distributed nationally by Ingram. The company operates a full-fledged training centre in Noida to impart CAD training to customers, partners and students.
——————————————India is important for Graebert’s future growth, both, in terms of developing new path-breaking products, and business opportunities.
Surya SardaDirector, Marketing and Business DevelopmentGraebert India

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