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ISO Standard pneumatic cylinders for small, medium and heavy loads


Pneumatic cylinder or actuator is the mechanical device used to convert compressed air energy into mechanical energy or to do a useful repetitive work with usage of direction control valves along with other pneumatic accessories such as FRL, one touch fittings and tubing. Cylinders automatic-motion can be achieved through integrating a solenoid coil operated direction control valve with either electrical timer or programmable logic controller (PLC). There are two types of pneumatic cylinders, linear actuators and rotary actuators. SPAC provides mostly linear actuators to handle smaller to heavy loads and one rotary actuator to handle small to medium loads.

SPAC manufactures wide varieties of pneumatic cylinders to cater almost all industrial segments’ pneumatic automation system. SPAC provides a total 11 varieties of catalogued cylinders and “n” number of customised application based cylinders.

With the art-of-state manufacturing, inspection and its R&D facilities, SPAC manufactures 4 types of ISO Standard cylinders such as:
Round tube tie rod ESNC series cylinder
Square tube cleaner profile SDNC series cylinder
Newly launched, Mickey mouse cleaner profile tube SDSU series cylinder

(All these 3 types are available in accordance with ISO15552 Standard and comes in 11 sizes of diameter from 32mm to 320 mm)
ISO6432 SS round tube crimped miniature SDNU series cylinder in 4 sizes from diameter 12mm to 25mm available with either adjustable or fixed end cushionin

SPAC also provides catalogued SPAC-Standard cylinders such as:
ESC series round tube tie rod cylinder
ESU series mickey mouse tube cylinders

Both series are available from diameter 32mm to 320 mm. It provides multi-position in-line mounted or back to back mounted cylinders in ESC series. Tandem cylinders are also available with 2 and 3 times force configurations where, for the same fitment sizes of cylinder, customers will get more thrust forces.

SPAC always uses high quality, high surface finish and hard anodised, scratch proof, rust-free surface treated aluminium extruded tubes for all cylinders. High quality engineering NBR/nitrile seals are available, by default, to handle most of the industrial automations need. SPAC specially provides polyurethane (PU) for handling little heavier loads than the usual/increased life and fluro-carbon material based vitonseals to handle high temperature applications up to 150 degrees Celsius.

For ESNC, SDNC, ESC & ESU series of cylinders, wide varieties of mountings such as L bracket, front & rear flanges, single, and double clevis brackets to mount the cylinders in different styles, as per customer requirement, are available. For piston rod mounting, rod-end-fork, rod-eye and universal couplers are available. To sense and monitor the piston position of cylinders, SPAC’s magnetic version cylinders are available with different varieties of magnet reed switches/sensors in two and three wire (PNP or NPN) models for all type of catalogues cylinders.

Apart from the above-mentioned cylinders, SPAC manufactures some compact fixed-cushion cylinders such as SQ2 series from diameter 20mm to 100mm and SDVU series cylinder from diameter 16mm to 80mm. These are to cater the faster applications such as packaging, pharma, food and automotive industries to handle low to moderate loads where productivity or speed required is more. SPAC provides non-rotary cylinders in ESC, ESNC, SDNU, ESU series and compact cylinders such as SDVU, SX series where lateral loads and rotary motion of piston rod is a concern for end users. SPAC, specially, manufactures a SPM series single acting micro cylinder in diameter 10 and 16 for soft-touch, shorter strokes like 5mm, 10mm and 15mm and speedy operations. To provide and increase the service-life, SPAC manufactures EMAL series of cylinder in 4 sizes from diameter 20 to 40 which can be used as serviceable cylinder in the place of SDNU cylinders as an option.

SPAC also provides cylinders with special customised mountings to suit hydraulic valve automation system to open and close knife-gate valves, ball valves, butter-fly valves where linear motion is to be automated.

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