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Learned from the bees – Honeycomb system as a strain relief for cables

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igus introduces another world first: Universal strain relief saves engineering and assembly time

Cable tiewraps play a predominant role in strain relief today. Every individual cable is fixed to an e-chain, which is often a job consuming a lot of time and space. Cable tiewraps are used quickly and can often only be used once. The company igus revolutionises the strain relief in the e-chain with the bionically inspired honeycomb system. This saves the designer’s engineering and assembly time.

The motion plastics specialist igus has now developed a unique strain relief system with a honeycomb structure for its energy supply systems. Cables and hoses can simply and gently be pressed into the honeycomb. It is then closed, whereby the outer walls of the honeycomb cavities are pushed gently but extremely tightly around the cables. In this way, the structure simply adapts to the cable diameters. The honeycomb can be mounted in seconds; in comparison to the often used cable tiewraps or other strain relief solutions, the user saves about 80 percent assembly time. The new system saves space and protects the cables in the e-chain. It is also much more flexible, as the system is easy to open, to insert new cables or to replace them.

The universal strain relief system is available in two versions. The horizontal strain relief CFU.H can be installed in layers. It allows the insertion of different cables in one layer. It is screwed from above in front of the mounting bracket and can also be used for long travels at the fixed end. The vertical version CFU.V can be simply hooked on in front of the mounting bracket. Different cables are simply inserted into the vertical rows. The system is tightly closed with a clip lock and thus protects the cables reliably against mechanical stress. The two versions of the new strain relief are available for the e-chain series E4.1L from summer this year.

New strain relief and separators make the E4.1L the fastest harnessed e-chain
The new honeycomb system is part of an innovation campaign for an even faster and simpler harnessing of e-chains. With the E4.1L, igus offers the most easy-to-fill e-chain on the market. Thanks to the innovative separator system, which was also presented by igus at the 2017 Hannover Messe, a custom interior separation of the energy chain is made still easier for the customer. Furthermore, the new strain relief gives the designer the freedom to insert the cables into the E4.1L precisely as and when he wants it in his own design process – and also the possibility to change this filling again without complication.

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