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mapp Temperature Define zones and groups for temperature control


With mapp Temperature, it is possible to define zones and groups for temperature control. A zone is a unit consisting of an actuator, a temperature process and a sensor for measuring the temperature. Multiple zones can be combined into a physical group and controlled and optimised together. This gives the user maximum flexibility and scalability to meet any temperature control requirement.

Autotuning and integrated simulation
If applications cover a wide temperature range, simple tuning is often not sufficient to optimally adjust the parameters. mapp Temperature, therefore, includes a multi-stage autotuning process. The user can, then, define several operating points and optimise them individually. The integrated simulation capability enables simple virtual commissioning without any hardware. This option makes it possible to test the application’s logic, error handling and HMI system in advance to significantly accelerate on-site commissioning.

Heating current monitoring
B&R’s temperature control system also offers heating current monitoring to enable early detection of faults through predictive maintenance. By monitoring the current of the heating elements, it is possible to react to a fault at an early stage without stopping the entire process. This ensures a high level of operational reliabil-ity and helps prevent extended downtime.

B&R’s temperature control component covers every requirement with maximum flexibility and scalability.

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