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OPTI FLY : A smart solution for enhanced productivity


Multiple different systems and arrangements make certain that only best articles of the assembly line goes into the market. Admittedly, manufacturing process is not that easy. Demand to have quicker assembly line, minimum errors and no/minimum human interference are some of the requirements to have advanced technical solutions. Businesses need a solution that improves quality and helpsin maximising productivity; pushing business gain.

SLTL Group is one of the leading laser solution company who bring in technologies that are tailor-made for industries. Over the years, the in-house R&D team has looked one step further than what has been demanded, trying to invent the smartest possible solutions.

What if one system is sensitive enough to perform multiple tasks with no human interference? SLTL group invented a solution, OPTI FLY that is an excellent match to industries requiring a quick production with uncompromised quality. With OPTI FLY, the system is capable to perform multiple tasks on a similar line. The downtime reaches upon a negligible point and takes the productivity to pinnacle.Before OPTI FLY were integrated into marking applications, it was absolutely necessary to own either a jig or a mechanism to position product properly before it could be laser marked. The vision option operating in conjunction with the laser marker eliminates this need.

Along with automation features, dedicatedly engineered for industries, the company makes the machine with inbuilt 3G marking with OPTI FLY, integrated with Poka Yoke mechanism. With the capability of the in-house R&D team, SLTL Group is equipped to conduct forward and backward integration of automation and machines.

OPTI FLY works with the intuitive in-house software and hardware neural system integrated with laser machines. It can also be integrated with laser systems of your choice. The system follows the following processes without any human interference:
Identify: The very initial method that takes place is termed ‘identify’ because it identifies the fundamental form of the article and compares it with the description knowledge already fetched in the database.
Locate: Throughout this method, the package is already ready with parameters and signatures which will facilitate the system to find the realm of operation. ‘Locate’ is one in each of the necessary functions of the system because it can permit right position to induce operated.
Orient: As per the known object and set space of marking in the previous method, the system fetches the information and guides any changes. Throughout the ‘orient’ method, the smart intuitive software makes adjustments to the drawing for the marking process to take place. The direct connection between the laser marker and therefore, the vision system enable the practicality for position correction because the laser marker requests the coordinates from the OPTI FLY system.
Mark: Once the article is being known to its form, it sets the marking space supported parameters and orientation as per the appropriate position; then the marking method takes place. The article is operated with optical laser and results area unit obtained.
Verify: Verification method is like quality checking method done by the system itself. Throughout this method, the system with pre-compiled knowledge cross-checks with the important pictures of the objects through vision camera and verifies if the system has done the marking operation or not. The verification method is to assure that no object is incomprehensible on the road while not marking operation.In alternative cases, knowledge and images of what’s being marked should be saved for traceability functions.
Sort: Once verification method is done, there comes a method to assure that marking on the article is in step with pre-outlined customary and quality. This is often the associate degree assurance method that makes certain that the best on the lines gets through while eliminating the issues. The system can check the marking surface on the article through advanced vision systems and declare ‘OK’ and ‘Not OK’ on the screen. The ‘Not OK’ merchandise area unit is, then, eliminated.

SLTL Group has in-house R&D and has delivered many customised automated solutions to numerous industries. The company is celebrating its 30 years of operations and promises to empower industries with continuous innovation.

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