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Pragati Transmission gears for all sectors


Pragati Transmission Pvt Ltd, a Bangalore-based company is a manufacturer of precision gears, gear shafts, worm gears, starter motor shafts, power tool components known for its best quality and performance of its components. The company is specialised in producing gears for all sectors such as machine tools, power tools, hydraulic pumps and gear
boxes, defence and aerospace, agriculture and surgical field, transmission gears, worm and worm wheel, bevel gears, sprockets and ratchets.

Pragati Transmission is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, a member of AGMA, regularly participating in the international competitive business to engrave its own name in the gear industry. It’s products are manufactured using the latest design, manufacturing and inspection technology in a well-equipped plant that adheres to the international manufacturing quality standards.

The company is expert in producing gears up to:
• DIN 6 Level by skiving process.
• DIN 4 / AGMA 12 by gear grinding process.
• Fine pitch spur and helical gears up to 0.2 module.
• Fast, reliable high production of spiral bevel and hypoid gears quality of DIN 4.
• Duplex worm gears and worm cutting and grinding at a single machine.
• Internal gears spur, helical quality up to DIN 7.

Latest equipment installed at Pragati Transmission
• Klingelnberg C30 CNC spiral bevel gear machine.
• Gleason Pfauter P90G worm cutting and grinding machine.
• High Speed Fellows make Gear Shaping machine FS180.

• Complete manufacturing of customised precision gears and shafts.
• Design and manufacturing of precision gear boxes.
• Gear testing services on CNC gear tester.

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