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Pragati Transmission offers precision gears

Pragati Transmission, innovation and evolution is the foundation of the developing process. A professionally managed company. Pragati transmission is a focused organisation engaged in manufacturingm supplysing and exporting of precision gears used in aerospace, industrial gear boxes, power tools, machine tools and autombiles. The company is acclaimed in the market for the quality and performance of its components that incorporate – precision spur/helical gears, gear shafts, Worm gears
started motor shafts, power tools componenets. Also the company offers job work facilities on CNC gear grinder hob sharpener, and CNC gear tester. Pragati Transmission can produce gears up to DIN 4 Class gear Grinder, can produce gears up to DIN 4 Class quality.

In its quest for excellence, Pragati Transmission, has continuously endeavoured day in an dday out to manufacture and supply products of highest performance and service.

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