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Proximity switches: Alternative to conventional switches


Proximity switches of different types are widely used for different applications in various industries. These switches are an excellent alternative to the conventional electro-mechanical limit switches for position sensing and counting applications.

Jayashree Electron has been manufacturing quality proximity switches for over 20 years. As one of the largest manufacturers, we offer over 500 models of inductive, capacitive, optical, magnetic and ultrasonic proximity switches.

All type of sensors are available in tubular enclosures along with many odd shapes and sizes such as rectangular, fork type, button type and insert type switches. All these models are available with integrated cable as well as built-in connectors as per International standards. These switches carry CSA, CE and UL mark and have been checked for EMC/EMI compliance as per IEC-1000-4-4 and 5.

Jayashree make proximity switches find wide applications in machine tools, foundries, rolling mills, automobiles, textiles, pharmaceuticals, material handling and all automation systems in general.

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