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SD4455: Wax-free silicone emulsion


With continuous research and development, Pune based Sunlube India Private Limited launches wax free silicone emulsion for alumunium high pressure die casting applications with extremely higher dilution ratios. With this new innovation, SHINE DIECOAT SD4455 gives you 1:400 dilution ratio which brings down your lubrication cost, reduce more than 50 per cent inventory cost as well as storage space.

Sunlube offers wide range of die lubricants for hot and warm forgings, piercing and hot extrusion lubricants under the brand name ‘SHINE’. Sunlube believes in continuous improvement andtheir R&D team innovated an advancedwax-free silicone emulsion for alumunium high pressure die casting, SHINE DIECOAT SD4455, which is gaining rapid customer acceptance.SHINE DIECOAT SD4455 has the following featuresand benefits:

• Micro-emulsion of silicone-free from wax forms a uniform layer on the die surface at high temperature, excellent lubrication and release properties; very thin parting line, low consumption and better for anti-solder.
• The technical details of SHINE DIECOAT SD4455 are:
• Wax-free solid contents: Approx. 55 per cent
• Solubility: Water miscible
• Color: Off-white emulsion
• pH value: 6+
• SHINE DIECOAT SD4455 is specially formulated wax-free product for high release properties for automobile and motor cycle’s parts and complicated castings.
• Best recommended application method: Spraying
• Recommended dilution ratio: 1:200 to 1:400 depending upon component
• Experienced application team is available for demonstration and establishment of lubricant
• Packing sizes: 20 kgs buckets & 210 kgs HDPE barrels
• SHINE DIECOAT SD4455 has shelf life of 6 months in factory sealed condition

Incorporated in the year of 2012 in Ahmednagar (Maharashtra, India), Sunlube India Private Limited isone of the leading manufacturers and supplier of wide range of hot forging die lubricants which includes water base graphite and non-graphite die lubricants and various range ofoil base die lubricants. They also offer application support in a way through supplying different types of spraying equipment’s and related products.

Young and dynamic SandeepGaikwad leads the SunlubeTeam, and their solutions are used by manufacturers across the country. Sunlubeis aggressively exploring new market opportunities and developing indigenous product developments offering latest technologies to the Indian market. SHINE DIECOAT SD4455 is result of such joint collaborations, and the proven technological advantage with continued research at Sunlube brings cost savings and improved efficiency inmanufacturing process.Sunlube continuously works towards the quality of its lubrication products.

For more details, contact:

Sandeep Gaikwad
Managing Director,
Sunlube India Private Limited

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