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SPAC Pneumatic’s one touch fittings for all segments


SPAC Pneumatic manufactures a wide variety of world-class pneumatic one touch fittings, which caters to all segments in pneumatics and related applications. Main variants are male/female straight connectors, male/female elbow connectors, straight/elbow/tee /Y/cross union, reducer fittings; dead plugs etc. SPAC mainly provides two types of fittings:

‘A’ series with ‘G’ type BSP parallel thread for applicable tube sizes from 4-16 mm diameter. Thread sizes from 1/8” to 1/2”. Colet cap and plastic bodies are in white made up of high quality engineering plastics. ‘A’ series fittings are provided with O-ring to arrest the leakages.

‘E’ series with the above mentioned variants of ‘A’ series, with ‘R’ type BSPT taper thread. Colet cap and plastic bodies are black, made up of high quality engineering plastics. ‘E’ series fittings are provided with special white pasting on the threads, which prevent leakages with both internal ‘G’ type BSP and ‘Rc’ type BSPT threads. Main body/housing of both type of fittings is with high quality brass material
and colourless transparent special coating on the main body to protect from white rusts and red rusts which enhances the life of rubber seals; thus, fitting other products and entire pneumatic system life.

SPAC only provides outer hexagon to suit with easily market available spanners and also internal hexagon to suit for Allen Keys in the same fitting which will make easy use and fitment of customers. SPAC follows necessary ISO/EN/JIS dimensional standards to ensure the quality of required type of threads in manufacturing, top branded ISO/EN thread plug and ring gauges for inspection. Adequate per cent of end-of-line test such as leakage test and type test such as hydro-static test are conducted as per IS 1402 to ensure the quality of the product before despatch. They also produce fittings with other thread standards such as BSW, NPT.

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