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Tool Room ERP Improved forecasting, priority based scheduling and day reports


Vishal Precision Products Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, located at Coimbatore, established in the year 1986 to serve mould base verticals. Their hard work and commitment in these years have created a strong benchmark for them in the industry, given the value advantage of pioneership in their competent journey.

They are one of the major players in India today, successfully catering the engineering industry in precision machining domain with a long list of customers within India and abroad.Apart from that, they are also one the leading manufacturers of high-mix, low-volume custom designed mould bases of high precision with scope for total interchangeability of inserts. In addition, theyalso specialise in high precision manufacturing of machined components and sub-assemblies for export to industrially advanced countries.

As like other standard tool rooms, operation scheduling for them become a complex task as each set of tools hasa unique operation sequence against the components to be produced by attaching priorities depending on various technical aspects, production methods, run time instructions, dimensional tolerances, sub-assembly, final-assembly and trial settings etc.

Over a period of time, as a company with quality drive and commitment to deliver on time, Vishal Precisions also had to take a final call to build constructive strategies to address knowledge-based scheduling system. This utilisesthe quantitative factorssuch as estimated/actual operation times,due dates and the resource availability, as well as non-quantitative factors, such as the nature of the order, the importance of the tool, the relative priorities of various tool components, etc.

The intensive and focused search of such comprehensive solutions made Vishal Precision Team to explore a trial implementation of shop plan, the Tool Room ERP developed by CAD Macro Design and Solutions. After finding reasonable progress, it was decided by the Vishal Team to implement shop plan fully so as to reach out a next order harmony in the operation in terms of improved forecasting, priority based scheduling and comprehensive day reports.

The solution
Cadmacro’s Shop plan is a unique ToolRoom ERP & Production Planning and Control Software enabled with forecasting orders, creating and maintaining bills of materials and routings, processing work orders, monitoring projected and actual
shop load and recording the physical movement of inventory.

Shop plan – The value proportion
? Business process re-engineering coupled with information system helped improve
production planning and achieve better productivity
? Accurate and updated inventory information of finished goods, work-in-progress,raw materials and engineering stores
? Better raw material planning, thus reduction in inventory carrying cost
? Improved internal communication between workstations
? Better information sharing and retrieval resulting into effective communication for
better decision-making

”During the deployment period, we faced hurdles such as customising the software to our requirement, giving real time inputs, generating reports, decision-making based on forecasting, etc. CAD MACRO team helped us a lot through suggesting alternative methods, making necessary customisations to make it Vishal friendly and by visiting and supporting us whenever we needed their help. The Reports
Module availed in the shop plan have made our floor level analytics easy thereby, supporting our decision making. For example, Machine utilisation report, Machine OEE (overall equipment efficiency) report, project plan report which has detailed break up of any one single project are very much supportive to have better control over floor. At the same time, we
are able to view the actual stages of multiple projects through the Tool Progress reports available in the Shop plan” says Sylvya Rebecca, Asst Manager, Vishal Precision.

“Since we were able to improve our forecast from marginal level up to an average of 70 per cent, it has boosted our internal productivity to 30 per cent; thereby, supporting us to make early decisions which were necessary to achieve the customer delivery dates. We are still in the process of improving our flow and technology to make shop plan to gain further more success” says R.G.Pragasam, VP, Vishal Precision, Coimbatore.

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