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Water filter technology for pharma

Pharmaceutical industry requires consistent, high-quality water for production. There is the need to evaluate new technologies and integrated solutions to reduce water consumption. Most high quality makeup water systems used within pharmaceutical production must be free from microbial bacteria within the water and on the wetted surfaces of the filter system. The most challenging in designing the best system is to fulfil the above requirement. So to control microbial bacterial formation zero retention system must be design and also the contamination must be filtered in the system and after the process completion, system must be sterilised.

Filter Concept provides a range of product with zero hold up design to ensure zero retention and after the process completion and system can be taken to sterilisation to avoid any bacterial formation. They have an integral bayonet locator providing efficient seal between housing and its consumables. Application fluid can be filtered from range of 0.1 micron to 10 micron for the above technology with all the consumables in suits in accordance to pharmaceuticals grade and FDA certified.

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Ashok Prasad
Proposal Manager
Filter Concept Pvt Ltd.

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