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CYBER SECURITY: Time for a wake-up call


Taking stock of Indian industry’s readiness in terms of secure manufacturing environment.

As IIoT is at the centre stage of today’s manufacturing, there is the dire need to build a more secure manufacturing environment. Isn’t it? So, here we present industry’s readiness in this aspect.

The Impact of Cyber attacks
“Cyber attacks are usually discussed as a threat to our personal or organisational finances. Cyber attacks hurt us physically as well as financially. There is an ever-present possibility of cyber attacks affecting physical infrastructure in a way that could harm hundreds or thousands of people at a time—or more. In addition, terrorist groups are using cyber-attacks as an enabling technology for their activities and to raise funds,” says Divakar Bhardwaj, CTO, Secure India.

Bhardwaj adds, “By applying technology in new ways and humanising the data, we can converge the intelligence, incident response, and network operations approaches to become far more efficient in catching the bad guys. This can be applied in a sophisticated way and that is called Nuix Insight Analytics & Intelligence.”

Bhardwaj outlines few important points to be considered are as follows:

Humanising data
Nuix Insight Analytics & Intelligence is a powerful data analysis platform that makes it superiorly intuitive to extract and interact with intelligence from nearly any data source or file type. From security and forensic use cases like conducting digital investigations and detecting insider threats, to solving complex data analysis projects, Nuix Insight Analytics & Intelligence delivers insights into otherwise overlooked or unnoticed activity.

Gather data from virtually any source
Any Technology Guru cannot stop the attack if data analysis can only support a limited number of file formats and evidence sources. Nuix Insight Analytics & Intelligence analyses data from over 600 sources and MIME types, even complex ones that competing products typically overlook. Leveraging the patented Nuix Engine for parallel data processing, Nuix Insight Analytics & Intelligence can gather and process anything from a few files to petabytes of data at superior speeds. From local and cloudstores of user and system files, to emails, virtual machines, databases, mobile images, and hundreds more systems and file types, Nuix Insight Analytics & Intelligence makes sure your investigations and data analysis projects are thorough and complete.

Speed and scale of insight
This is very most important thing if you are in virtual world scenario no one can imagine the size of data so speed and scalability is very much required to tackle ongoing cyber-attacks. Nuix Insight Analytics and Intelligence offers you a ground-control view of all your active cases so you can easily manage multiple investigations and data analysis projects simultaneously, regardless of size or scope. It features a dedicated processing engine to ensure you get the right data in fast, accelerating the speed of your analysis. All data is stored in a distributed search and analytics database, designed for horizontal scalability, reliability, and easy management.

Moxa is a leading provider of edge connectivity, industrial computing, and network infrastructure solutions for enabling connectivity for the Industrial Internet of Things.

Moxa releases new switch firmware to ramp up device security
Moxa announced a new firmware upgrade for its industrial Ethernet switches with major enhancements for its security functionalities. “Our new firmware, called Turbo Pack 3, is not only compliant with the IEC 62443 cyber security standard, but also supports other security management features, such as MAC Address and RADIUS authentication to prevent from unauthorised access, known security leaks and unknown attacks. At present, Moxa’s industrial Ethernet DIN-Rail switches support Turbo Pack 3,” says Ming Yu, Product Marketing Head, Moxa India.

Increased device-level security
According to an ICS-CERT report, cyber attacks on the critical manufacturing sector increased by 50 per cent from 2014 to 2015. The report noted that a lack of proper access management and network probing are among the most common network vulnerabilities. One of the key mechanisms to ensure a safe and reliable network is to strengthen device-level security. Yu informs, “Turbo Pack 3 ensures Moxa’s switches comply with the IEC 62443 standard, which provides technical security requirements and guidelines for network device suppliers and engineers. Moreover, the new firmware upgrade supports MAC authentication bypass via RADIUS server, and also fixes certain security vulnerabilities to protect the switches from malicious intrusion.”

Ensure network availability
Yu adds, “The firmware upgrade also supports enhancements in redundancy technologies, such as V-ON, traffic management, and real-time event notifications. With these new functionalities, Moxa’s switches are able to enable higher network availability and reliability, which is crucial for mission-critical applications.”

The Internet of Experiences will change the way world operates
“While participants in the IoT tend to focus on ‘things’– the individual smart devices connected to a network – the Internet of Experiences aims higher, concentrating on what becomes possible when smart devices piggyback off one another’s capabilities to create experiences: innovative services that simplify and enhance daily life in ways never possible before,” claims Dassault Systèmes. “Such capabilities, however, only become possible when the maker of one device imagines, anticipates and virtually simulates how it can leverage the capabilities of devices made by others to improve the user’s experience. The trick is to put the user at the center of the solution’s reason for being.”

The sensor-laden world of the IoT greatly expands the behavioral and contextual data available to shape and deliver personalised experiences. By enabling their devices to share data with other devices on the network (with the user’s permission, of course), and to evolve as the user’s needs and wants change, organisations that aspire to the Internet of Experiences greatly enrich the value they can deliver.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables companies to design for the Internet of Experiences. By bridging the digital and the physical with a design and experience platform, companies can design, simulate and validate any level of an experience. This multi-scale, multi-domain, multi-level system modeling and simulation provides them with the context and intelligence to ensure that each experience works as planned in terms of compliance regulations, requirements, costs, constraints, and manufacturability, and then make the right decisions, whether they are designing cities or microchips.

According to Dassault Systèmes, “Companies that design for the Internet of Experiences also think not only about what their device can deliver today, but how it can evolve. In the Internet of Experiences, conventional physical products are mere ‘delivery vehicles,’ or conduits, for ever-evolving experiences. This transformation is already evident as, increasingly, new or upgraded products arrive in consumers’ homes virtually, in the form of ongoing software updates to devices they already own.”

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