Multi Axis CNC displays Articulated Delta Robots


While India’s technical talent is recognised world over, there have been serious institutional gaps in promoting industry-research institutions interaction.

Rajesh Kushwaha, Managing Director, Multi Axis CNC speaks about the current status of the metal cutting industry in India, the technologies to watch for in the new year and also how the recent demonetisation has had an impact on the industry. Excerpts:

Need to strengthen knowledge base
When asked about the current status of the metal cutting industry, Rajesh Kushwaha, Managing Director, Multi Axis CNC comments, “Manufacturing sector is dependent on the investment climate. The structural reforms since 1990s have made some progress. Despite recent setbacks, it is universally acknowledged that the reforms process in India cannot be reversed and sooner or later these reforms will be implemented. However, the long term competitive ability of Indian firms would depend on production efficiency. Production efficiency, in turn, is dependent on ability to develop, import and adapt new technologies among other factors.”

He further adds, “India has made significant progress in various spheres of science and technology over the years and can now take pride in having a strong network of S&T institutions, trained manpower and an innovative knowledge base. Given the rapid pace of globalisation, fast-depleting material resources, increasing competition among nations and the growing need to protect intellectual property, strengthening the knowledge base is an important issue. While India’s technical talent is recognised world over, there have been serious institutional gaps in promoting industry-research institutions interaction.”

Laser and plasma are the emerging technologies
Speaking about the emerging technologies in the metal cutting sector to watch for in 2017, Kushwaha said, “Metal cutting technology increasing their field day by day. Many machines applied to cut metal in various field, laser is very emerging technology now a days in order to improve productivity, the manufacturers are continuously looking for ways to improve their tooling capability. Keeping with the demand of manufacturing industry metal cutting tools have also evolved over time. By fine tuning the combination of material used in cutting tool, its angle of cut and coating used toolmakers are regularly making advances in metal cutting tools.”

According to Kushwaha, all metal cutting methods have advantages and disadvantages. He says, “Fundamentally, all metal cutting processes on the market today fall into one of three categories – mechanical, chemical and thermal.”

Hybrid and high precision machines by Multi Axis CNC
Sharing the companies offerings in the metal cutting sector, Kushwaha said, “We are having customised machines as per customer need having motorised spindle with high RPM with medium cutting torque (CNC Milling cum Engraving). In addition to this, we have designed and delivered a double spindle CNC milling for shoe mould manufacturing for both mould LH-RH in same time so customers enhance their productivity by 200 per cent.”

Demonetisation to be of great help
Sharing his views on the impact of demonetisation, Kushwaha said, “Defiantly there has been some impact of demonetisation on machine tool industry to some extent but on a larger scale, it is good for both manufacturer as well as buyers. We are targeting SMEs therefore there is a bit difficulty for customer for getting bank loan due to incomplete documents. Being a machine manufacturer is good for us to get 100 per cent advance payment before delivering the machines. Otherwise some customers who are able to pay in advance pay the balance in installments.”

Showcasing robotic strength
Kushwaha also spoke about how the company will make the most of IMTEX 2017. He said, “IMTEX is big platform to showcase machine tools in Asia sub continent and stand equal to TIMTOS-Taiwan machine tool exhibition. We are participating in association with Delta Electronics and will be showcasing articulated Delta Robot for job loading and unloading live demonstration.”

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