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Safe & secure industrial environment

A brief review on innovative safety and security solutions that can be used in to protect industrial assets
  Industrial environment has always been a different area to work on as there are a lot of challenges involved. The sites have varied range of temperature and humidity. Some sites are dusty with fumes, while some sites are exposed to chemicals. Hence the product should be extremely reliable which can withstand the tough conditions and still perform at its best. For tough conditions IP cameras with weather proof housing and outdoor day and night wide angle IP cameras can be recommended.
Servicing in industrial areas is also extremely important as the sites may not be located nearby. Pramoud Rao, Promoter Managing Director, Zicom Group says, “Zicom takes servicing in industrial areas where the sites are not located nearby as a challenge. Currently we are working with many of our valuable customers in this segment like Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd, Asian Paints, Hindustan Unilever (HUL), Foodland Cold Storage and many more.”
Today the most pressing market need is to create a safer and more secure environment with increased layers of protection. End users also need to be able to make quicker, more accurate decisions; reduce operational and capital expenditures, troubleshoot incidents faster and integrate data easier.
“Zicom recommends health monitoring system for all lines of product such as fire alarm system, intrusion detection system, CCTV and access control system to ensure that the equipments are working fine. This also ensures that we get immediate intimation about any failure of the equipment, so that it can be repaired at the earliest without any security lapse,” informs Rao.
Integrated protective solutions, a comprehensive and integrated suite of safety and security solutions by Honeywell delivers safety shutdown, fire and gas, physical and cyber security, personnel protection and alarm management across process facilities. It includes independent, yet interrelated, layers of protection to prevent, detect and mitigate potential safety and security risks and threats. 
“Honeywell offers dedicated fire and gas systems, suppression systems, fire and gas sensors, wire and cable, mass notification solutions, and the associated application services. These solutions are designed to continuously monitor heat, smoke, and toxic or combustible gas levels within plants and provide early warning of an abnormal situation before it becomes a hazard. This helps end users comply with safety standards and regulations, reduce risk, improve operational performance and lifecycle sustainability; and protect personnel, assets, and the environment,” says Rajarshi Datta, Sales Director, Honeywell Process Solutions India.
End users solutions for personnel access management, perimeter intrusion detection, lighting, workforce and visitor management, solutions specific to remote assets, intelligent video surveillance, and associated consultative services are offered by Honeywell. The modular solutions support Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) at the site, enterprise, and corporate levels.
Datta says, “Most end-users are aware of Honeywell’s process safety offering. The Safety Manager is integrated into Experion PKS and offers a SIL 3 platform out-of-the-box. The immediate value is to detect potentially dangerous conditions, shutdown automatically and safely, and provide root-cause analysis. Honeywell has continued to invest and innovate its process safety offering, by adding features like Universal I/O, HART protocol support, and the Field Device Unit.”
The alarm management solutions help operators make better decisions faster when abnormal situations occur and boundary management solutions help operate the plant within safe limits, while striving to maximise profitability. Honeywell also offers physical and cyber security solutions to minimise risk and reduce or even prevent incidents from occurring. “Honeywell has designed its solutions to defend against emerging cyber security threats specific to industrial automation, establish secure connections between plant networks and the IT network, and ensure ongoing awareness of new vulnerabilities and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). In the event of a safety incident, our real-time location system tracks and locates people and assets while our emergency shutdown systems ensure a safe plant shutdown, reducing risk and minimising damage,” informs Datta.
According to Datta, Honeywell Process Slutions’ industrial safety and security solutions are as follows: • Provide an integrated and holistic approach to protect plant, people and environment. • Enable improved situational awareness and better, faster response to incidents by all responsible stakeholders.• Encompass solutions for safety shutdown, process fire and gas (F&G), physical security, cyber security and alarm management. • Seamlessly integrate with DCS and operations’ alarm management strategies.

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