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SMEs to embrace higher level of automation


There is a big room for growth, particularly when SMEs embrace higher level of automation to keep pace with the manufacturers of developed economy.
In India, automation is showing progress, but S Sriram, General Manager, Marketing – Factory Automation and Industrial Division, Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt Ltd feels that there is still room for growth and progress. Here he explains his company’s market position and key offerings.
Room for growthAutomation in Indian industries has shown consistent progress.  The active engagement by many automation providers in India has uplifted the industry.  However, there is a big room for growth, particularly when SMEs embrace higher level of automation to keep pace with the manufacturers of developed economy.
Market positionMitsubishi Electric has been in the field of industrial automation for more than 50 years and has been enjoying undisputed market leadership position in Japan for a long time. In India, it started its full-fledged operations in the year 2010, and since then has been expanding its operations consistently.
In India Mitsubishi Electric is considered to be amongst the top three automation product supplier.  It will continue to strengthen its infrastructure in order to support the Indian manufacturing industry and to be amongst the leading users of automation technology. The company has already established R&D Centre in Pune, started assembly for inverters (VFDs) and CNCs.  Mitsubishi Electric is also focusing on expanding the business in the low voltage switchgears and is presently assembling MCCBs and ACBs in India.
Key offeringsMitsubishi Electric’s corporate statement is “Changes for the Better”.  It strives towards offering products and solutions which can take the industry forward. It’s advanced Motion Control Driven Products – including robots, servos and variable frequency drives, testify its stand of pushing the technology that drives the manufacturing sector ahead.
Its modular programmable logic controllers like iQ-R series, Q series are developed on the iQ platform which includes modular control features from a variety of engineering disciples like Advanced Sequence Control, Information Technology, Motion and Process Control Philosophies. The iQ-F Series controllers operate in a highly efficient and user-friendly manner with other compact and modular PLCs as well as frequency inverters, servo drives, operating and visualisation systems from the company. These controllers can perform complex positioning task without additional module. Along with this, the human machine interfaces (visualisation), low voltage switchgear products and concepts like e&eco-F@ctory bring greater efficiency lowers costs and gives you better production control.
In India, low cost automation is one of the important needs to pull up the automation levels of the manufacturing industry. In order to contribute to this area, the company launched GOC (Graphical Operation Controller) – an intelligent interface between human and machines. This easy-to-use product has enabled even automation averse manufacturer to explore the advantage of automating their machines and equipment. Latest additionIn the recent times Mitsubishi Electric has introduced its new “Made in India” Graphical Operation Controller (GOC).  It has also introduced the latest generation performance enhancing motion control products MR-J4 Series Amplifiers, RV Series Robot.

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