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Streamline design and management of utility networks with Bentley OpenUtilities

  Bentley Systems announced the release of Bentley OpenUtilities, a new family of applications that enable utilities to design, map, and manage their networks with greater precision and efficiency. Bentley OpenUtilities supersedes Bentley Utilities Designer and Bentley sisNET to establish a common set of applications that enable utilities to increase productivity, accelerate projects, and reduce software costs.
Key capabilities include the ability to:• Design electric, gas, and water distribution networks, as well as wastewater and district energy networks • Estimate material and work costs• Create, assign, manage, and approve work orders in stand-alone mode or through integration with work management systems • Maintain utilities network models and maps• Improve network management with reports and analysis such as network tracing, leak detection, and outage planning.
Bentley OpenUtilities consists of three applications for flexible and economical deployment in any size utility enterprise.• Bentley OpenUtilities Map is an affordable, full-featured utilities-specific desktop GIS that enables improved network management with reports and analysis such as network tracing, leak detection, and outage planning. The application also helps utilities increase enterprise efficiency with the ability to publish, manage, and view precise network maps.• Bentley OpenUtilities Designer is an enterprise-level GIS for design and management of utility networks. The software enables utilities to speed design with precise modeling and layout tools, lower project costs with on-the-fly cost estimation, and avoid project delays with built-in design work management. Bentley OpenUtilities Designer integrates with common enterprise GIS, providing utilities flexibility in implementation.• Bentley OpenUtilities PowerView is a streamlined, cost-effective application to review, explore, and markup utility network designs and maps. The software helps engineering managers redline and approve work quickly, network managers make better decisions with reports and analysis, and field workers complete work orders faster with end-to-end network maps, equipment records, and markup tools. Users can complement Bentley OpenUtilities PowerView with Bentley Map Mobile to provide view and query capabilities from tablet devices in the field.

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