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Tata Tech demonstrates full machine development capabilities


Tata Technologies, a global provider of engineering solutions and manufacturing enterprise IT, announced that it has successfully collaborated with Hitachi Construction Machinery Japan and Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Pvt Ltd to develop the new Backhoe Loader, christened Tata Hitachi Shinrai. It is for the very first time that any Engineering Services Outsourcing (ESO) company has demonstrated full machine development capabilitiesin the industrial heavy machinery space by supporting the customer from concept to production, the tech-giant claims.

According to the company, Tata Hitachi Shinrai has been designed with enhanced aesthetics and features to increase productivity, reduce fuel consumption and operating costs, with improved durability for customer applications in India. The Tata Hitachi Shinrai was unveiled at EXCON 2017, Bengaluru, at the Tata Hitachi booth in the presence of luminaries from both companies- Sandeep Singh, Managing Director of Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery, and Warren Harris, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Tata Technologies.

Speaking at the launch, Sandeep Singh said, “Combining our joint extensive market knowledge with the intensive domain expertise of Tata Technologies, the new backhoe loader that has been developed is a high-value machine that will deliver reliability, capability, simplicity, improved productivity, and cost management. We look forward to crafting more such ingenious solutions through this combined partnership.”

Speaking on the occasion, Warren Harris said, “Our ability to harness the latest and the right technology empowers our customers to swiftly achieve a competitive edge in the market. The requirement for specialist skills and scalable resources were seamlessly aligned using Tata Technologies’ globally distributed execution model.”

The design team from Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery designed the new Tata Hitachi Shinrai with collaboration from both Hitachi Construction Machinery’s and Tata Technologies’ engineers. Tata Technologies’ experience in the industrial heavy machinery domain allowed the new machine to have a cabin that is ergonomically designed and engineered, incorporating roll-over (ROPS) and falling object (FOPS) protective structures, along with unique market requirements such as ‘Duck Walk’ capability, and advanced electronics such as GPS and telematics. Additionally, Tata Technologies employed their experience in Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VA/VE) and Teardown & Benchmarking (TDBM) to minimise production costs in line with competitors’ cost.

A combination of Tata Technologies’ competencies in the engineering and design domain, enabling tools & methodologies, and customer collaboration has demonstrated a time and cost-effective solution, driving efficiencies throughout its product development cycle.

Tata Hitachi Shinrai epitomises the coming together of Hitachi’s expertise in research, Tata Hitachi’s design prowess and Tata Technologies’ capabilities in design and engineering. Tata Technologies’design and engineering capabilities in Romania have been backed up with engineering, Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) capabilities in India, together with project management and styling support from the UK and USA.

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