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Metal Power displays high-end Spectrometer at AES

Spectrometer manufacturer Metal Power Analytical (I) Pvt Ltd is showcasing the live models of the high-end Metavision 1008i3 and the Metavision-108NN+ OES models at the Automotive Engineering Show, Chennai.

Offering a wide array of standard and unique (often patented) solutions, Metal Power OESes offer the powerful, flexible and economical solutions for the entire gamut of analytical needs in the Automotive sector. From 99.999%+ purity analysis to Oxygen and Nitrogen analysis, to the analysis of fine wires and even powders, Metal Power’s OES fulfil just about every routine and special application requirements.

“We believe it is critical to educate people to stop seeing quality as a cost centre and start instead, to see it as a value driver and therefore a critical investment,” said C R Seshadri, President, Global Sales & Marketing. “Right from 3rd and 4th decimal place accuracy, to sub-ppm results, gaseous element analysis, powders and more, today’s modern OES offers customers the chance to enhance productivity and profitability through improved quality. Our aim therefore, is to help people see the value that is added – against which costs are virtually negligible, especially given the lifespan of these instruments.”

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