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OMRON demonstrates futuristic automation solutions at AES

OMRON is demonstrating an array of advanced industrial automation for the automotive manufacturing sector at the ongoing Automotive Engineering Show in Chennai.

Themed around the concept of ‘Sensing & Control + Think’, the OMRON booth is a window to its all key, progressive mid-range and high-end automation solutions from its ILOR + S (Input, Logic, Output, Robotics + Safety) portfolio- considered as the largest in the industry. The solutions cater to MSMEs as well as large auto manufacturing firms aiming to become more productive, efficient and safe as they strive to rise up the value chain and to match pace with the changing technologies and dynamics of the market.

“An automotive production unit comprises of assembly of innumerable complex components needing constant quality checks. One defective product may lead to recalls bringing financial loss, setbacks to credibility and risk to the safety of individuals- thus signifying the need of further penetration of automation technologies to make manufactures not only smarter but also more capable to make ‘world-class’ in India. Omron solutions, presenting the right level of harmony between humans and machines, enable them to do so,” says Sameer Gandhi, Managing Director, OMRON Automation India.

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