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Tata Tech opens technical lab in Pune

  Global engineering services provider Tata Technologies announced the expansion of its Engineering Research and Development Centre, Axia – VAVE Centre of Excellence, at the company’s Hinjewadi campus, Pune. The 8,700-square-foot facility will provide Tata Technologies’ clients with end-to-end product development capabilities including product innovation, value engineering, cost engineering, and teardown and benchmarking services.
The facility will support multiple full-vehicle and machine development programs currently underway at Tata Technologies. Such initiatives call for a larger physical space wherein equipment can be dismantled, studied, and compared with the competition to pinpoint areas for design improvement and cost optimisation. The new Engineering Research and Development Centre is equipped with the latest tools, software, and machinery and can be used to perform benchmarking studies for up to four passenger vehicles, two off-road vehicles, or two trucks at a time. Tata Technologies also plans to use the facility for small prototype builds and robotics training.
Warren Harris, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Tata Technologies said, “Axia – Vave Centre of Excellence is a response to the growing global demand for frugal engineering services. This enhances our ability to provide clients with innovative, clean-sheet solutions for minimising non-essential product costs and maximising intrinsic product value.”
The Engineering Research and Development Centre comes to life by enabling engineers to move from the virtual design space to real, physical vehicles and vehicle aggregates. The company’s technical staff will be able to study complex vehicle or machine systems in detail and get acquainted with new technologies.

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