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Uflex launches new extrusion lamination machine in India

Converters and packaging companies have all too often faced difficulties while laminating a woven web owing to the troughs and valleys (also called warps and wefts) that are inherent part of the texture. In response to this, India’s global flexible packaging solution company Uflex Limited designed the EL-1300 Extrusion Lamination Machine that seamlessly carries out the process of lamination for wovenpropylene simultaneously offering the following benefits:• Attainable lamination speed of 250 m/minute• Corona treaters to seamlessly integrate treater intoflexible packaging extrusion coating and lamination lines• Independent drives for all segments of the machine• Heavy Duty (Sturdy) structure• Motorized three axis movement of carriage for air gapsetting• Chamber type doctor blade for anchor coating• T-Die with internal duckling and lip opening up to1mm• Unique design of lamination drum to maintain eventemperature across the width• Sleeve type coating nip as optional• Turret type unwind and rewind• AC vector grade motor with digital AC vector drives.“This extrusion lamination machine is equally efficient to laminate very thin LDPE substrates to woven polypropylene and also to paper or any packaging film,” Uflex cliams. According to the company, except for some electrical and electronic parts, most of the mechanical parts have been fabricated and assembled in-house at its Noida plant.

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