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OMRON’s ‘3-i’ automation concept for creating smarter factories


OMRON reaffirmed its unique ‘3-i’ concept for making the Indian factories smarter by exhibiting its key ILOR + S portfolio at the company’s Automation Centre located in Mumbai. The brand has a wide portfolio of Smart Sensors, Robots, Vision, Machine Safety, PLCs, Servos and Drives – automation solutions.

The first ‘i’ in the ‘3-i’ concept stands for the ‘Intelligent’ aspect encompassing solutions to make manufacturing smarter by utilising information technology. It aims creation of additional value to the shop- floor by enabling the makers to collect, visualise and analyse data.

The 2nd ‘i’ communicates ‘Integrated’ technology which involves seamless integration of technologies through advanced control aiding the makers to pursue maximisation of machine performance and accuracy.

The 3rd ‘i’ expresses the ‘Interactive’ element. The solutions based on this component help manufacturers achieve the right harmony between humans and machines leading to creation of those manufacturing sites where machines adapt to human needs and work together to enhance productivity.

These ‘3-i(s)’ were collated and made to experience in the form of demonstrations comprising of Omron’s Big Data/ IIoT, Traceability, Robotics, Motion-Control, Quality and Inspection, Safety, and Engineering solutions.

Another significant part of the whole experiential display stood out to be Omron’s advanced Robotics solutions denoting flexible automation for creating super-productivity and super-flexibility at the shop floors of the future factories.

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